Weekly Technical Session

Every Wednesday at 1:30PM Eastern, we host an open technical session. Anyone is free to attend (existing users or potential users) in order to discuss process flows and devices/structures with the CNF technical staff. Discussions normally take place either in person in the main CNF conference room or via teleconference. During the COVID-19 closure, the weekly technical sessions take place virtually via Zoom.

Sessions leverage the knowledge and experience of our CNF technical staff to assess the feasibility of starting a project here at the CNF. Our staff will also offer their thoughts and opinions to assist your making the most informed choices at decision points for optimal yield and performance. 

In advance of discussions, we usually ask for you to send a thorough process flow (ordered process steps, dimensioned sketches, top down or x-sectional views) for us to consider. You may also come with questions on your proposed or existing process flow. 

Please RSVP to the CNF User Program staff to arrange a time.