Application Forms

If you have not already done so, please first contact the CNF User Program. Our User Program staff will guide you through the application process for creating a new or joining an existing project, including filling out the appropriate forms.

Our forms are "Fill and Sign Online" forms linking you to an electronic version of the form hosted on the NextGen DynamicForms service. You may fill out these forms online in your web browser and then click to "sign" the form and then click again to submit the form. The forms will be delegated to the various signatory parties as necessary.

Photocopies and facsimiles will not be accepted. Handwritten forms will not be accepted, either.

Start a New Form:

Project Proposal Form

New User Application


Continue an Existing Form (NextGen Dynamic Forms Login Links):

The below links can be used to re-login to the NextGen Dynamic Forms system to manage forms: