Cornell Multiscale 3D Fabrication Partnership (CM3FP)

The Cornell Multiscale 3D Fabrication Partnership (CM3FP) promotes access to additional laser cutters and to additional multiscale 3D printing resources with print dimensions ranging from mm to nm.

How do I decide whether I need access to CNF, Rapid Prototyping Lab, or both?

What tools/processes do I need?

If you plan to use any tools from the list of Rapid Prototyping printing and cutting tools, you will first onboard to CNF with a CNF project and then submit a job to the Rapid Prototyping Lab. 

If you plan to ONLY use tools in the CNF labs, then you will only need to onboard with a CNF project.

Steps to Getting Started

Already a CNF User

  1. Contact the Rapid Prototyping Lab to discuss your job requirements.
  2. Submit your job request.

Not Yet a CNF User

  1. Contact the Rapid Prototyping Lab to discuss your job requirements
  2. Email the CNF User Program outlining your research/project ideas.
  3. Submit a Project Proposal if starting a new CNF project
  4. Submit a New User Application form to be added to the new or to an existing CNF project
  5. Complete CNF safety orientation

To then access CNF tools after completion of your orientation, contact tool owners for individual tool trainings

To then start a job at the Rapid Prototyping Lab, submit your job to the Rapid Prototyping Lab.