Accessing ONLY Second Floor Tools

How do I decide whether I need access to ONLY second floor labs or the entire CNF facility (cleanroom and second floor labs)?

What tools do you need?

If you plan to use tools ONLY from this list, then you only need access to the 2nd floor labs. If plans change and you need to use tools in the cleanroom, you will be required to complete the main CNF orientation and safety training (full New User orientation fee will be charged).

  • Soft Materials 4-pt Probe Station (2nd floor)
  • Accurion EP3 Imaging Ellipsometer
  • Bal-Tec CPD 408
  • Mettler Hand-held Refractometer
  • Vibro SV-10 Viscometer
  • Malvern Nano ZS Zetasizer
  • Malvern NS300 NanoSight
  • Rame-Hart 500 Goniometer
  • Hitachi TM1000 SEM
  • Hitachi TM3000 SEM
  • Low-temp PDMS Vacuum Oven 2 (2nd Floor)
  • Harrick Plasma Generator (2nd Floor)
  • ReynoldsTech Polymer Vapor Deposition
  • CorSolutions Microfluidic Probe Station (2nd Floor)
  • High-temperature PDMS Curing Oven (2nd Floor)
  • Laurell WS-400A spin coater (2nd Floor)
  • Olympus IX-71 Inverted Fluorescence Microscope (2nd Floor)
  • Dimatix Printer (Second Floor)
  • Hot Press (2nd Floor)
  • Microdrill
  • Olympus BX-51 Fluorescence Microscope (2nd Floor)
  • Low-temp PDMS Vacuum Oven 1 (2nd Floor)
  • Versalaser Engraver/Cutter Tool
  • Westbond 7400A Ultrasonic Wire Bonder
  • Parylene Coater #2
  • Parylene Coater #1
  • Dektak 6M profilometer
  • Pico MA FinePlacer FlipChip Bonder
  • K&S Gold Ball Bonder (2nd Floor)
  • Objet30 Pro 3D Printer
  • Hitachi S-900 SEM

Steps to Getting Started for 2nd Floor Lab Access

Existing or Active CNF User

  1. No additional orientation is needed.
  2. Contact tool managers for training on individual tools.

Not an active CNF User

  1. Email at CNF to request 2nd floor lab access.
  2. Submit a Project Proposal to start a project
  3. Submit a New User Application to be added to the current active CNF project.
  4. Take second floor orientation (second floor new user orientation fee charged to your CNF project). Prior to orientation, complete the following CU learn online courses:

    2nd floor lab orientation will be scheduled typically on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Orientation will consist of a short presentation followed by lab space walk through – roughly 1-1.5 hrs total time.

  5. Once all orientation is complete, contact tool owners for individual tool trainings.