Get a Cornell Guest ID

If you have an active Cornell NetID...

Do you remember your NetID password?

You can check if you remember your netid password here.

If you have forgotten your netid password and you are a...

  • current Cornell faculty, staff, or student
  • Cornell alum
  • current Cornell associate with a sponsored netid
  • Cornell visiting scientist

you can reset your netid password online or in person by contacting the Cornell IT Service Desk.

If you have NOT forgotten your netid password...

STOP! You do NOT need to get a Cornell GuestID. You will use your Cornell NetID and password to access CNF systems.

If you do NOT have an active Cornell NetID...

Electronically register for a Cornell GuestID with the registration page linked below (Note: You may already have a Cornell GuestID from accessing other Cornell services or the CNF at a previous time).

Use the following information when requesting your GuestID:

  • Group Name: RS-CNF-GuestID
  • Purpose: Please enter your CNF Project # (joining an existing project); or PI and institution (starting a new project)

Link to request a GuestID: