Remote Work via CNF and Consultants

CNF Staff-Conducted Remote Process Work:

The CNF is primarily a hands-on facility, offering researchers access and training to use a comprehensive tool set with the support of an experienced technical staff. In limited circumstances, researchers can also engage the CNF in remote projects; that is, fabrication conducted by CNF staff members with only the off-site involvement of the researcher. Remote projects are performed as a service, and only in cases where;

  1. the work needed is sufficiently limited that travel to Ithaca unwarranted,
  2. appropriate tool resources are available, and
  3. staff availability will allow completion in a timely manner.

Remote projects comprise activities in which the CNF staff perform only a small number of routine and well characterized process steps that can be completed within a limited amount of staff time. CNF staff will not engage in remote projects that involve project design, significant process characterization, or require research decisions or judgments. All remote work is performed on a best effort basis, and CNF does not guarantee success of the work product. The CNF User Program Managers can advise interested parties on the possibilities, constraints, and costs of such remote work. In the event that CNF cannot accept a request for remote work, researchers may wish to consider other options, including hiring a private contractor as discussed below.

Please refer questions or comments to the CNF User Program Managers.

CNF Users / Consultants:

Name:Jonathan Alden, Ph.D., CEO, Esper Biosciences, Inc.
Contact Information:jonathan.alden (at)
Telephone:Cell 607-220-4690
Services Offered:I have been a CNF user for over 14 years, logging over 2000 hours in the clean room, and publishing work generating over 5000 citations. I've worked on projects ranging from 2D materials, microelectronics and MEMS to microfluidics, nanopore devices, and custom TEM grids. I have experience with most equipment in CNF, from etchers to thin-film deposition tools (ALD, PECVD, LPCVD), photolithography to characterization tools (AFM, SEM, TEM, ellipsometer, profilometer). I can fabricate and characterize your devices, or get involved earlier in the process with design, CAD, and mask-writing. Please shoot me an email if you have any questions or would like to discuss your project with me.
Name:Kwame Amponsah, Ph.D., Xallent LLC
Contact Information:kwame.amponsah (at)
Telephone:Cell 607-262-0515
Services Offered:14 years’ experience in the simulation, design, fabrication, testing and packaging of CMOS and MEMS/NEMS devices. Services offered include: MEMS/NEMS COMSOL/ANSYS simulation, mask design, mask making, optical/e-beam lithography, thin film deposition (sputtering, evaporation, LPCVD, PECVD), RIE/DRIE, CMP, wafer dicing, laser cutting, wirebonding, etc. We are a team of talented engineers and scientists offering fast and affordable nano/microfabrication services to meet the highest demands of our clients. More information about the work we do can be found at
Name:Rick Brown, Ph.D., Cayuga Micro Devices
Contact Information:rick (at)
Telephone:Cell 607-351-9768
Services Offered:Process design/fabrication consultation for micro/nano fabricated projects including, but not limited to: MEMS/NEMS, Si CMOS, and III-V based electron devices. I have 12 years of experience in device design and fabrication at both the CNF and in semiconductor startup environments. I can assist you with all or any steps necessary to take your prototype from CAD layout to finished devices utilizing all types of lithography and other processing available at CNF. Please visit my website for a more in-depth look at projects I have undertaken.
Name:Weili Cui, Ph.D., Ormiaphone Technologies, LLC
Contact Information:wcui (at)
Services Offered:Design, L-Edit mask layout, prototype fabrication and small batch production. Analysis and simulation of MEMS/NEMS devices using ANSYS, COMSOL and MatLab, consulting services on fabrication process development and troubleshooting. Ten years of hands-on experience at CNF and familiar with all of the major tools and processes including mask design and fabrication, photolithography, thin film deposition and etching, film characteristics measurement, device evaluation, etc. Extensive experiences leading device prototyping efforts on multiple NIH/NSF projects
Name:Marcus Gingerich, Ph.D
Contact Information:mdgingerich (at)
Telephone:607 227-7457
Services Offered:1) Consultation in the design and development of your fabrication process. 2) Contract fabrication of micro/nanofabricated devices following your complete fabrication process, or 3) Performance of individual process step(s) to aid in completion of your fabrication process. I have more than 20 years of experience (the last 12 years based at the CNF) in micro/nanofabrication projects including MEMS, BioMEMS, CMOS, and more.
Name:Stephen Jones
Contact Information:saj0716 (at)
Telephone:607 351-6060
Services Offered:With over 35 years of nanofabrication experience, including more than 10 years at the CNF, I offer processing experienced processing services on all of the equipment at the CNF. This includes, but is not limited to Lithography (sDUV, I-Line,Broadband steppers, ebeam, contact lithography), Mask making, Thin film processing (LPCVD, Thermal Oxidation,PECVD, thermal and electron beam evaporation, sputter deposition, ALD), Etching (Wet and dry), metrology, and all other aspects of processing available at the CNF.
Name:Chris Martin Ph.D., Ithaca Research Lab L.L.C.
Contact Information:Chris.martin (at)
Telephone:607 527-5158
Services Offered:Process design/integration, mask layout and fabrication, resist processing and lithography, metal and thin film deposition (including PECVD, LPCVD, evaporation, sputtering), SEM/metrology including index of refraction measurements for photonics and integrated optics applications. I have familiarity with all of the principle tools at CNF with extensive thin film deposition and etch experience
Name:Bruce McKee
Contact Information:bruce.mckee7 (at)
Services Offered:I can help you with proposal development, CNF prototype fabrication, and publicity via "clean-room" video production. I have 15+ years of SBIR grant writing; 15+ years CNF experience in developing implantable SU-8 and polyimide biomedical devices; and I have produced clean room videos for the CNF. My website ( documents my work in these areas, and details my specific CNF process experience in mask design & fabrication; contact lithography; metal deposition via e-beam, sputtering, and electroplating; RIE etching; PECVD; wet chemical processes; thin and thick-film measurement, and optical and SEM microscopy.
Name:Jay VanDelden, Ph.D., EigenPhase Technologies
Contact Information:jvd (at)
Telephone:Office 607 387-3025 Cell 607 351-3592
Services Offered:Contract Nanofabrication of Prototype Devices including: CAD Layout, Mask Making, Resist Processing, Contact/Optical/E-Beam Lithography, RIE, DRIE, Wet Etching, PECVD, LPCVD, Thermal Oxidation, ALD, Evaporation, Wafer Bonding/Drilling/Dicing, CMP, AFM, SEM and more.

If you would like to be listed as a CNF User / Consultant, please email the above information to the CNF User Program