Let Us 3D Print for You

  • CNF staff or an independent contractor can print your files.
  • No training or lab access required.
  • We still require a billing account.
  • We print within a week or sooner.
  • Pick it up or have it delivered by FedEx.
  • You clean and assemble the devices.
  • Access to staff expertise and troubleshooting.
  • We charge for the material, the time the tool is used and the staff time
  • Most of the cost is due to the material and the time to print

Remote Printing by CNF Staff

  1. Start a Remote Project at the CNF
  2. Create your CAD files and export them as .STL. Note a critical dimension such as the overall height or length.
  3. Fill out the 3D printer Job Order Form PDF
  4. Reply to the email from the tool manager
  5. Pick up your devices or have them sent via FedEx.
  6. Clean and assemble your devices. We can send suggestions and answer questions!

Remote Printing by Contractors

If you would rather hire someone to help with CAD and printing your device, we have a list of independent contractors with CNF access. Contact them to set up a project.