High Frequency Test Lab Onboarding

What Tools Do You Need?

If you plan to use tools ONLY from this list, then you only need access to the High Frequency Testing Lab (HFTL). If plans change and you need to use tools in the cleanroom, you will be required to complete the main CNF orientation and safety training (New User orientation fee will be charged).

  • DC Probe Station and Electronics
  • Microwave Small-Signal Probe Station and Electronics
  • Microwave Large-Signal Probe Station and Electronics
  • Terahertz Probe Station and Electronics

Existing or Active CNF Users

Existing CNF users in good standing will be trained by the HFTL manager on request.

Contact the HFTL manager to get started.

Not a User at CNF

People who are not currently active CNF users will have to become CNF users (via standard CNF proposal and user agreement procedures). If their only CNF use will be in the HFTL, they can undergo an abbreviated orientation to HFTL by the HFTL manager in lieu of the full CNF orientation process.

Contact the CNF User Program to get started.