Mandatory Dress Code for CNF Lab Spaces

We have a strict dress code for every person entering the CNF lab spaces. There is a unified dress code, so the requirements are the same whether you are working in the cleanroom or in the non-cleanroom labs on the second floor of Duffield Hall. This dress code is based on industry-wide prudent practices when working in areas that contain hazardous materials. This dress code only applies to the lab spaces of the facility, not the offices or computer labs.

To enter CNF lab spaces, you must be wearing:

  1. Shoes and Socks

    Socks or stockings are required. Shoes must be closed-toe shoes that fully enclose the heel and the top of the foot. Additionally, the shoes must not have a high heel (over one inch) or a deep cleat that may hold mud or other dirt. Also, your shoes must be clean and dry when you enter the facility.

    Not Allowed: Sandals, open weave shoes, or shoes that expose the top of the foot.
  2. Shirt

    Your shirt must be at least a short sleeve shirt that is long enough to reach your pants (no bare midriffs) and it must not have a deep neckline.

    Not Allowed: Tank tops, halter tops, and spaghetti strap tops.
  3. Pants

    Pants must be full-length, from waist to ankle.

    Not Allowed: Shorts or cropped pants, tight pants such as "skinny jeans", yoga pants or leggings. NO skirts or dresses.

In addition: religious headwear is generally allowed if it will fit inside a clean room suit hood (but no baseball caps, etc.), and long hair should be tied back.

Finally, cameras are allowed -- but please ask your tour guide before you use a flash and remember to wipe down your camera.