User Committee

The role of the Cornell NanoScale Facility (CNF) User Committee is to help the CNF Executive Committee and CNF Directors identify ways to improve users' productivity at CNF. The User Committee constantly collects feedback from all CNF users and makes its recommendations to the CNF Executive Committee and CNF Staff. If you have an idea that would help the CNF serve its users better and would like it discussed at the yearly committee meeting, please contact a member of the User Committee or send the suggestion to .

User Committee - Cornell University

Richa Agrawal, Cornell University - BCMB, CNF User Committee member Richa Agrawal Biochemistry, Molecular, and Cell Biology (BMCB)
Melissa Bosch, Cornell University, CNF User Committee Member Melissa Bosch Physics
Samantha Norris headshot Samantha Norris Physics
Hanyu "Alice" Zhang, Cornell University, CNF User Committee Member Hanyu "Alice" Zhang Applied & Engineering Physics, Cornell

User Committee - Outside Academic

Benyamin Davaji, Northeastern University, CNF Unser Committee Member Benyamin Davaji Northeastern University
Tianna McBroom, Syracuse University, CNF User Committee Member Tianna McBroom Syracuse University

User Committee - Outside Non-Academic

Alejandro Cortese, OWIC Technologies, Inc. CNF User Committee member Alejandro Cortese OWIC Technologies, Inc.
Jarrett Dumond, VOC Health, CNF User Committee member Jarrett Dumond VOC Health
Kwame Amponsah, Xallent LLC, CNF User Committee Member Kwame Amponsah Xallent LLC
Lori Lepak Lori Lepak Phoebus Optoelectronics LLC
Christopher Martin Christopher Martin Odyssey Semiconductor