Each year, the CNF K-12 Outreach program engages over 500 youth and their families. They come to hear about nanoscience and nanoengineering. Teachers bring classes to inspire their students to consider science careers. The CNF visits places like the Sciencenter to show off cool nanoscale phenomena.

Ambassadors supply enthusiasm, vitality, and the fresh face of a scientist/engineer. CNF provides the demo and the interested kids/public. And there are also opportunities for Ambassadors to create new activities with high school and middle school science teachers.

The CNF K-12 Outreach Program is a win-win. CNF reaches more people, especially youth; and the CNF Ambassadors have a great outlet for sharing their love of science. It also provides valuable experience for CVs.

Headshot of Vishakha Gupta
Vishakha Gupta
Headshot of Rakshit Jain
Rakshit Jain
Applied and Engineering Physics
Headshot placeholder image
Anjana Jayaraman
Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Headshot of Andrew Kang
Andrew Kang
Mechanical Engineering
Headshot of William Katt
William Katt
Molecular Medicine
Headshot of Edmund Liu
Edmund Liu
Mechanical Engineering
Headshot of Zachary Manzer
Zachary Manzer
Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Headshot of Maya Martirossyan
Maya Martirossyan
Materials Science and Engineering
Samantha Norris headshot
Samantha Norris
Physics, Cornell University
Taylor Oeschger
Taylor Oeschger
Biomedical Engineering
Headshot placeholder image
Michael Reynolds
Headshot of Mariela Rivera de Jesus
Mariela Rivera de Jesus
Biomedical Engineering
Duhan Zhang headshot
Duhan Zhang
Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering