CNF Fellows are Cornell graduate students, who are also CNF Users, with a part-time fellowship that supplements their graduate research assistantships. They provide information for current and future CNF users about new techniques, recipes, and procedures, and also current performance of tools such as etchers. They do this through the CNF user process wiki, data placed at the tools, and on our user-accessible file server. The typical duration of the fellowship is 1 year.

Qualifications / Skills

  • Ph.D. student with 2 years’ experience in CNF
  • Communication: clear, effective professional verbal and written skills.
  • Creativity: the ability to think outside the box
  • Adaptability: be flexible and able to pivot depending on needs.
  • Must have demonstrated ability to work safely with hazardous chemicals,
  • Ability to effectively collaborate with the staff and follow directions and procedures.
  • Candidate must be pleasant and personable and considerate of others.

Once positions are available, candidates should send a resume to the CNF fellows coordinators for review.  The resume should list the CNF tools that candidates have been trained on.  The CNF fellow coordinators will interview the candidates.

CNF Fellows Coordinators:

Current CNF Fellows and Projects

Landon Ivy, Cornell University
Landon Ivy
Cornell University
  1. Fellows Project Title
    ALE - Lithography
Headshot of Kathleen Smith
Kathleen Smith
Cornell University
  1. Fellows Project Title
    Development and characterization of Atomic Layer Etching processes using our new Plasma-Therm ALE system
Headshot of Wenwen Zhao
Wenwen Zhao
Cornell University
  1. Fellows Project Title
    Developing processes on our new Plasma-Therm atomic layer etch (ALE) system