Cornell Visualization and Imaging Partnership (CVIP)


The Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility (CNF) and the Cornell Institute of Biotechnology (Biotech) have partnered to further advance Cornell’s excellence in Life Science characterization and imaging capabilities through the application of state-of-the art micro - and nanofabrication tools and vice versa. Our shared mission is to foster and enhance the convergence of research fields and bring together ideas and approaches leading to new solutions that will inspire innovation and discovery.


A successful partnership of excellence for collaborative characterization and fabrication that will allow researchers to discover and access available tools and services while serving as a model of interdisciplinary cross-center collaboration at Cornell.

  • By developing strategies and leading efforts to better serve the nanofabrication and life science communities
  • By inspiring and fostering new convergent and life science activities
  • By making available state-of-the-art imaging and characterization across the physical and biological science