Startup Culture


CNF is proud of its major economic development and success stories over the last decades. And we are particularly proud of the startup community that makes use of our facilities. Previous successful startups act as mentors for new companies.

Since we became part of the NNCI in 2016, 129 different companies (95 small/startup and 34 large) have used CNF for research and prototyping.

  • Pacific Biosciences, a DNA sequencing company with a market capitalization of $5.12B as of October 2021, is a CNF startup from 2010

Also since 2016, we've had 16 new startups -- an average of 3 startup companies/year!


CNF is fortunate to have partnerships with two Cornell business incubators. The McGovern Center, located in Weill Hall on the Cornell campus, has supported Life Sciences startup companies for over 10 years. And PRAXIS is an incubator, supporting startups in Physical Sciences, co-located with CNF in Duffield Hall.