Careers at CNF

Advanced Lithography Research Associate (Ph.D. required)

The Advanced Lithography Research Associate will be a member of the technical staff at CNF, responsible for both user support and for leadership in advanced lithography and associated process integration, with emphasis on electron beam lithography. As part of their duties, the research associate will support advanced instrumentation including electron beam lithography systems, resist processing, advanced data preparation, computational methods, and process flow development. The incumbent will be part of a team consisting of CNF users and CNF tool & user support staff. The Research Associate will be responsible for both instruction and user process support in applications of advanced lithography. The incumbent must be able to interact effectively with a broad group of constituents, exercise a customer service demeanor, and exhibit excellent personal communication skills.

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Lithography Engineer (BS/MS required - Visa Sponsorship is Not Available)

This is a hands-on process, equipment, and user support position. At least 20 hours per week will be spent in the cleanroom, with regular handling of hazardous chemicals. The successful candidate will have experience working in a multi-user fabrication facility with experience interacting with users and trainees at a broad range of levels. The successful candidate will have extensive experience not only with photo or ebeam lithography, but with associated process integration with other thin film technologies available in the facility.

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