30th Anniversary Celebration

The Future of Nanotechnology

The Future of Nanotechnology symposium celebrated CNF's contributions to nanotechology by looking into the shape of things to come. Renowned experts from around the world have been invited to share their vision of (i) the future of nanotechnology, (ii) the emerging field of nanomedicine, and (iii) the social and ethical issues associated with nanotechnology. Plenary lectures introduced these three topics in the morning, and parallel tracks will explored these topics in detail in the afternoon. And a poster session gave an opportunity to attendees to present their work.

The 30th Anniversary Celebration was co-sponsored by the Kavli Institute at Cornell for Nanoscale Science.

NPR Podcast, "The Science of the Very, Very, Very Small", on the future of Nanotechnology (as seen in 2007). This podcast features Professor Barbara Baird of Cornell, Professor Rosalyn Berne of University of Virginia, Dr. Larry Goldberg of the NSF, and Professor John Silcox of Cornell.

Keynote Speakers

headshot of Ed Wolf
Edward Wolf
CNF Director 1978-1988
Headshot of Lawrence Goldberg
Lawrence Goldberg
National Science Foundation
Headshot of George Malliaras
George Malliaras
Lester B. Knight CNF Director
R. Stanley Williams Headshot
R. Stanley Williams
Director, Quantum Science Research
Hewlett Packard Labs
Tejal Desai Headshot
Tejal Desai
Professor of Physiology, Director, Laboratory of Therapeutic Micro and Nanotechnology
University of California, San Francisco
Sheila Jasanoff headshot
Sheila Jasanoff
Pforzheimer Professor of Science and Technology Studies
Harvard University

Invited Speakers

Robert Corn headshot
Robert Corn
Stephen Chou headshot
Stephen Chou
headshot of Gregory Timp
Gregory Timp
Headshot of Christopher Jacobson
Christopher Jacobson
Headshot of Maish Yarmush
Maish Yarmush
Headshot of Mehmet Toner
Mehmet Toner
Headshot of Harold Craighead
Harold Craighead
Headshot of Michael Sheetz
Michael Sheetz
Headshot of Christopher Murphy
Christopher Murphy
Dorian Liepmann Headshot
Dorian Liepmann
Headshot of David Guston
David Guston
Headshot of Juergen Altmann
Juergen Altmann
Headshot of Rosalyn Berne
Rosalyn Berne
Headshot of Douglas Kysar
Douglas Kysar
Duffield Hall
Panel Discussion