Because of ongoing concerns regarding COVID-19 and large-group gatherings on campus, the Cornell NanoScale Facility will not be hosting an in-person Junior FIRST LEGO League Expo for the foreseeable future. And the nature of the event does not translate well to the virtual world, so a zoom event is not in our future either. We truly regret this!

Please email information (at) if you'd like to be added to our contact list for the next in-person expo (fingers and toes crossed!).

Below is a video from Cornell's 2014 Junior FIRST LEGO League Expo (courtesy of Cornell Chronicle) held January 25 in Duffield Hall. Twenty-four teams from the Ithaca NY area presented "Disaster Blaster"-themed Lego models of their ideas to improve natural disaster preparation, safety and recovery.

General Information about FIRST

FIRST is a nonprofit organization that has developed the FLL and Jr.FLL challenges for other organizations (like Cornell University) to run. The Cornell NanoScale Facility (CNF) at Cornell University operates independently from the FIRST organization, but runs the Expo following the framework developed by FIRST. More information about the FIRST organization and the competitions they organize at the elementary, middle, and high school levels can be found at the FIRST web site.