4-H Career Explorations in STEM

4H LogoCNF is proud to partner with NYS 4-H in support of their STEM activities. As a program of Cooperative Extension, 4-H reaches every county in NY State. Their expanded mission embracing STEM makes CNF’s partnership with 4-H an excellent vehicle for reaching a broad population. Each summer, CNF, along with many other Cornell departments, participates in the 4-H Career Explorations event which brings nearly 500 youth from across NY to the Cornell campus for several days of hand-on activites. CNF also participates in annual workshops on campus for 4-H leaders.

4H Students Gathered in the Conference Room
Flashing light demo for 4H
4H Students Learn About Nanotechnology in the CNF demo room
4h Hands On Activity
4H Hands on Activity - Circuit Board
4H Hands On with Proscopes

Local 4-H leaders are encouraged to make full use of CNF’s outreach materials and activities, including Nanooze and the resources (from CNF as well as other NNCI/NNIN sites) available on the NNCI web site.