CNF Newsletter, The NanoMeter

NanoMeter is CNF's newsletter, published twice a year. It generally contains facility news, research highlights, and upcoming and past events. Print copies are made available. The most recent issue is detailed below. Links to past issues are available at the bottom of the page.


2023 Fall NanoMeter CNF Newsletter, Volume 32, Issue 1

CNF NM V32N1 Front Cover
CNF NM V32N1 Back Cover

Table of Contents

Cha Named Director of Cornell NanoScale Facility    
Directors’ Column for the Fall 2023 NanoMeter     
2022 CNF 45th Anniversary     
CNF 45th Anniversary Corporate Sponsors     
2022 Whetten Award Winner: Hanyu Alice Zhang    
CNF’s Whetten Memorial Award    
2022 Whetten Award Winner: Wenwen Zhao    

  • Easy Test Can See If Breeding Bulls Have The Right Stuff    
  • Self-Folding Origami Machines Powered by Chemical Reaction    
  • Molding of Nanowires Spurs Unanticipated Phases    
  • Artificial Cilia Could Someday Power Diagnostic Devices    
  • Brains On Board: Smart Microrobots Walk Autonomously    
  • Semiconductor Lattice Marries Electrons and Magnetic Moments    
  • Soft Robot Detects Damage and Heals Itself    
  • Cornell to Lead New Semiconductor Research Center    


  • CNF Education & Outreach Coordinator’s Column 2023    
  • Cornell NanoScale Launches ATLAS: A Semiconductor Workforce Development Program    
  • Cornell, Micron Bring Nanoscience to Middle Schoolers    
  • The 2023 CNF REU Program     
  • New Staff at the Cornell NanoScale Facility    
  • 2024 Virtual TCN in January!     
  • Check out the Latest Nanooze!!    
  • Direct Write Laser Lithography - Heidelberg DWL66     
  • Nanoscribe - 3D Printing Down to the Nanoscale     


  • CNF News from Abbaspourrad’s Lab    
  • Itai Cohen’s Research Group Scored Two Covers    
  • CNF Community News: Harry Peng    
  • Christianson Scored Three Soft Robotics Covers!    
  • Two Awards for CNF Associate Director Fischbach    
  • CNF Community News: James Hart    
  • Esak Lee’s Research Group Scored a Cover    
  • Gregory Simelgor Passes at 51    
  • Meredith Metzler, 1975-2023     
  • Ober Elected to National Academy of Engineering    
  • Noel Charles MacDonald; 1940-2022     
  • Edward Wolf, First CNF Director, Dies at 87