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The Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility Newsletter is available in PDF format -- just follow the links below.

Click here to get your free Adobe Reader Program, Adobe Acrobat Reader. OR If you would like either a hard copy of the newsletter or an emailed PDF, contact Ms. Melanie-Claire Mallison and let her know you'd like to be put on our mailing OR email list to receive the NanoMeter!


Welcome to the 2018 Winter Edition of the CNF NanoMeter

Table of Contents 



  • Welcome to the 2018 Winter Edition of the CNF NanoMeter; Directors' Column
  • CNF 2018 Annual Meeting Summary
  • 2018 CNF Whetten Memorial Award Winner: Samantha Norris
  • TCN Announcement for January 2019 [URL]
  • Device to Corral Viable Sperm May Speed IVF Process
  • Alumnus David Duffield to be Honored by Engineering
  • Duffield Receives Engineering’s Highest Alumni Honor
  • TINY Cancer Detection Device Proves Effective in Uganda Testing
  • New Study First to Demonstrate a Chip-Scale Broadband Optical System that Can Sense Molecules in the Mid-Infrared
  • To Change a Catalyst’s Electrochemical Properties, Just ‘Shuffle’
  • Vertical Gallium Oxide Transistor High in Power, Efficiency
  • Illumina to Acquire Pacific Biosciences for Approximately $1.2 Billion
  • Hector Abruna Elected to the National Academy of Sciences
  • Community News:
    • Kashif Awan, Transonic, Wenshen Li, Amit Lal, Kathryn McGill, Jan Lammerding and Aaron Windsor,
      CNF on Locally Sourced Science, Arthur Woll
  • The CNF Cluster is Back!
  • New Tool Acquisitions at CNF
  • What Happens to Nanooze Magazines After They’re Mailed Away?
  • 2018 & 2019 CNF REU Programs

CNF Acknowledgements in Your Publications — Note Change in Grant Number to “NNCI”
The National Science Foundation is beginning to count only properly acknowledged publications when considering our funding. So PLEASE use this language for ALL work product (publications, presentations, posters, patents) that benefits from CNF-related research.
    This work was performed in part at the Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility (CNF), a member of the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI), which is supported by the National Science Foundation (Grant NNCI-1542081).
If space is a concern, this can be shortened to:
    This work was performed in part at Cornell NanoScale Facility (CNF), an NNCI member supported by NSF Grant NNCI-1542081.
Photograph & Format Credits
The NanoMeter cover and background image is from CNF Project # 2065-11 -- the work of Prof. Jan Lammerding and Aaron Windsor, CNF staff -- and used with their permission. The full report is online at http://www.cnf.cornell.edu/cnf_2018ra.html — “Design and Application of Microfluidic Devices to Study Cell Migration in Confined Environments”; page 30. The NanoMeter is formatted by Melanie-Claire Mallison. She welcomes your comments and corrections via email. The NanoMeter is printed on 30% post-consumer content paper using soy based inks. Please reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Reminder to Submit to CNF User Wiki; Dear CNF Community: Please remember to share your process and recipe updates on the CNF User Wiki. wiki.cnfusers.cornell.edu


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