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The Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility Newsletter is available in PDF format -- just follow the links below.

Click here to get your free Adobe Reader Program, Adobe Acrobat Reader. OR If you would like either a hard copy of the newsletter or an emailed PDF, contact Ms. Melanie-Claire Mallison and let her know you'd like to be put on our mailing OR email list to receive the NanoMeter!



Welcome to the 2016 Fall Edition NanoMeter; 2016CNF_NMv25n2.pdf

Table of Contents


  • Submit to the wiki.cnfusers.cornell.edu
  • Welcome to the 2016 Fall Edition of the CNF NanoMeter
  • NIH Provides $2.3M Grant for FeverPhone Development
  • Cancer Cells’ Ability to Self-Repair May Spawn New Treatments
  • Tech Tools to Tackle Global Health Problems
  • Researcher’s Chiral Graphene Stacks Break New Ground
  • Graphene Used as a Frequency Mixer in Cornell-Led Research
  • Surface Mutation Lets Canine Parvovirus Jump to Other Species
  • Electrical Properties of Superconductor Altered by ‘Stretching’
  • A Miniaturized Sensor That Can Measure Chemistry On A Chip
  • StartUp CNF
  • CNF Receives Additional NSF Award to Develop Globally Aware Scientists
  • 2015 CNF Whetten Memorial Award Winner: Kathryn L. McGill
  • CNF Ambassador Outreach Program Starts Strong
  • Community News
  • New Probe Station Donation from Everbeing International
  • CNF Installs New KLA-Tencor P-7 Stylus Profilometer
  • New Micromolding Capabilities with SU-8-Based Materials are Available
  • Electron-Beam Evaporator Upgrades

Photograph & Format Credits

The cover image for this issue is from “Biomimetic Models of the Tumor Microenvironment and Angiogenesis”; CNF Project Number: 1540-07; Principal Investigators: Claudia Fischbach-Teschl, Abraham D. Stroock; Users: Peter DelNero, Lu Ling, John Morgan; Affiliation: Nancy E. and Peter C. Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering, Cornell University; Websites: ww.fischbachlab.org, www.stroockgroup.org. Figure 2: Confocal micrograph of microfluidic biomaterials using lithographically patterned collagen gels. The background for this issue is an extreme close-up of the same image!

The CNF NanoMeter is published twice a year and is formatted by Melanie-Claire Mallison. She welcomes your comments at [email] The NanoMeter is printed on 30% post-consumer paper using soy-based inks. Please reduce, reuse, recycle!




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First Issue of the NanoMeter, January 1989

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