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Nellie Yeh-Poh Lin Whetten

2006, Jamie Cohen

2007, Sharon Gerbode

2008, Clarissa Lui

2009, Mekala Krishnan

2010, Shen and Tan

2011, Blees and Longenecker

2012, Samantha Roberts

2013, Carol Newby

2014, Munoz and Katz

2015, Kathryn McGill
(at previous CNF AM)

2016, E. Rose Agger

2017, Chengyu Liu and Melanie Roberts

Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility


Nellie Yeh-Poh Lin Whetten Memorial Award


This award is given in fond memory of Nellie Whetten, a CNF staff member from 1984 to 1987 who died March 24, 1989. This award recognizes outstanding young women in science and engineering whose research was conducted in the CNF, and whose work and professional lives exemplify Nellie's commitment to scientific excellence, interdisciplinary collaboration, professional and personal courtesy and exuberance for life.

In the words of her husband, Dr. Timothy Whetten, "The award should remind us to find out what it is like for people different from us to live and work in the same community. For men, to try to appreciate what it is like to be a woman scientist. For Caucasians, to try to feel what it is to be Asian or Black. For members of racial minorities and women, to try to understand what it is like to be a white male. And finally, the award should stimulate each of us to reach out and encourage women scientists who, like Nellie have the brilliance, stubbornness, and cheerfulness to succeed."


CNF Whetten Memorial Award Recipients:

1989: Susanne C. Arney and Sophie Verdonckt-Vandebroek

1990: Ruby Nandini Ghosh

1991: Jo Allyson McMillan

1993: Elizabeth C. Carr and Z. Lisa Zhang

1994: Julie Nucci

1996: Gina Christenson

1997: Kimberly Turner

1999: Andrea Turner

2000: Lu Chen

2001: Cindy Harnett

2002: Mihaela Balseanu

2003: Jamie Meteer and Helena Silva

2004: Wageesha Senaratne

2005: Xi Chen and Vera Sazonova

2006: Jamie Cohen

2007: Sharon Gerbode

2008: Clarissa Lui

2009: Mekala Krishnan

2010: Ching-Ping Janet Shen

2010: Christine Tan

2011: Melina Blees and Jonilyn Longenecker

2012: Samantha Roberts

2013: Carol Newby

2014: Andrea Katz and Nini Munoz

2015: Kathryn McGill

2016: E. Rose Agger

2017: Chengyu Liu and Melanie Roberts











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