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Session 1 (9a-10:15a) https://cornell.mediasite.com/Mediasite/Play/616ea51ea2eb41fc832ddacf7db1df051d

Session 2 (11:30a-12:30p) https://cornell.mediasite.com/Mediasite/Play/9530273989fa4cf1ae19926f49a96a921d


2016 CNF & PARADIM REU Nano-Convocation
Thursday, August 11th

203 Phillips Hall • Baum Atrium

The entire 2016 CNF & PARADIM REU Community is Invited!

8:30-9:00; Breakfast and Welcome

9:00-9:15; Ms. Maya Martirossyan (PI: Xing)
“Fabricating Microtubes for Tuning Semiconductor Bandgaps”

9:15-9:30; Ms. Betty Hu (PI: Shen)
"Device Fabrication for High Precision Electrical Transport Measurements on Complex Oxide Thin Films"

9:30-9:45; Mr. Arthur McCray (PI: Kourkoutis)
"Orientational Disorder in Quantum Dot Solids"

9:45-10:00; Mr. Mark Marsalis (PI: Muller)
"Using Electron Microscopy to Analyze 2D Materials and Their Junctions"

10:00-10:15; Mr. Cameron Ruhl (PI: Schlom)
"Structural and Electrical Characterization of Oxide Thin Films Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy"

10:15-10:30; Break

10:30-11:15; Dr. Lynn Rathbun, What’s Next?

11:15-11:30; Break

11:30-11:45; Ms. Wagma Caravan (PI: Wang)
"Creating an On-Chip and High Throughput Alternative to Optical Tweezers"

11:45-12:00; Ms. Allison Smith (PI: Lal)
"High Shock Resistant Gyroscope with Piezoresistive Graphene Pickup"

12:00-12:15; Ms. Sofie de Olazarra (PI: Ralph)
"Chromium to Optimize Spin-Orbit Torques On Magnetic Devices"

12:15-12:30; Mr. Ryan Branch (PI: Stroock)
"Two-Step Photolithography for Fabrication of High Aspect Ratio SU-8 Rings"

12:30-2:00; Lunch in Baum Atrium (with Intern Posters)

Important Note #1: Interns -- please copy your PPT file over to the CNF laptop during breakfast. Remember to put your LAST name FIRST in the name of your file!
Important Note #2: Even though you have fifteen minutes on the schedule, your presentation should only be about 11-12 minutes. The rest of the time is for set-up and Q&A.
Important Note #3:
Convocation Advices, http://www.cnf.cornell.edu/cnf_mcmadvices.html

Important Note #4:
Convocation Posters, http://www.cnf.cornell.edu/cnf_reuposteradvice.html



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