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Good morning, 2017 REU Interns*!

In order to ensure that everyone is getting ready for our summer together, we are sending this "First Assignment" to each of you.  The assignment is to contact your PI and Mentor(s) to discuss your REU project plans and then create a Word document stating concisely in your own words: your research goals, equipment needs, and tentative ten-week schedule for meeting your goals.  Also -- research groups typically have weekly meetings or bi-monthly meetings. Please let us know when your group gets together, so we don't schedule something in conflict.

The operative phrase for this assignment is "concisely in your own words" -- there is really no way to know now how your summer will go, much less how your research schedule will really take place, but you need to talk to your PI and Mentor(s) to have a shared understanding of what you at least expect to have happen and in what order.

Here are the rules for this assignment:

[1] Please send your assignment as a Word document and name the file with your last name first, i.e., MallisonAssignment.docx.

[2] Be sure to put your full name and the full name of your principal investigator (PI) at the top of the Word document.

[3] Do not just forward something from your PI or mentor.

[4] Email the document by Tuesday, May 30th, at the latest.
CNF & HHMI REU will email their file to their PI, mentor(s), and Melanie-Claire
KEP REU will email their file to their PI, mentor(s), Celia, and Melanie-Claire
PARADIM REU will email their file to their PI, Julie Nucci, Karen Jordon, and Melanie-Claire
Coordinators are all cc:d on this message.
If you need anyone's email addresses again, just let me know.
A note to mentors! If the First Assignment discussion with your intern changes your project parameters at all, please update your project summary and resend to me and your program coordinator(s). The sooner the better on this -- please do not wait until the 30th!

This assignment will answer several needs for our programs. First, its timely reception means that everyone is paying attention and communicating.  Second, it will serve as a reminder to everyone what is expected / hoped for over the summer, and third, it will act as a guide to make sure everyone is achieving the acknowledged research goals.

If you have any questions on this assignment, feel free to ask!

Thank you, Melanie-Claire, Celia, Karen & Julie


Dear REUs Interns:

The National Science Foundation (NSF) requires all researchers to take "Responsible Conduct of Research" training and Cornell has a site set up for your doing so:


Since you all are NSF-funded REU interns, you are required to take the full course -- For RCR (students & post-docs paid on certain awards) -- before you begin our REU programs.  I understand that the course can take many hours to complete and is long and at times, complicated, so I personally recommend you get started as soon as possible!

You will need your Cornell Net ID for this, which you "should" have received by now from Cornell Information Technologies (CIT).  If you haven't received that email and or do not know what your net id is, let me know asap.

We will check the training log during the last week of May / first week of June to ensure that you have indeed completed the training.

Thank you for your kind attention to this required training!
Melanie-Claire, Celia, Karen & Julie

Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility (CNF)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute EXceptional Opportunities Program (HHMI EXROP)
Keeping the Ezra Promise (KEP)
Platform for the Accelerated Realization, Analysis, and Discovery of Interface Materials (PARADIM)

"Experience is that marvelous thing
that enables you recognize a mistake
when you make it again."

Author Unknown


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