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Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility (CNF)
Center for Transportation, Environment & Community Health (CTECH)
Keeping the Ezra Promise (KEP)
Platform for the Accelerated Realization, Analysis, and Discovery of Interface Materials (PARADIM)
Platform for the Accelerated Realization, Analysis, and Discovery of Interface Materials Cornell (PARADIM CU)
Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Programs


REU Expectations for CNF-Hosted Programs

Please read these expectations carefully and keep them close by for the summer.

April & May:
• Work with Melanie-Claire and Rebecca on site and travel information, etc. CNF will arrange and pay for your travel.
• Contact your Principal Investigator and/or Mentor (PI/M) to learn about your research project;
get any advance reading materials that might be helpful to understanding your project.
• Submit your First Assignment to Melanie-Claire (MC) by Thursday, May 31st.

• Attend the CNF REU Program!  Arrive Saturday, June 2nd.  Orientation Day is Tuesday, June 5th.
• Attend the CNF Short Course (TCN) and your New User Training / Tool Trainings.
• Research! This internship must be your only work focus during the ten-week period.
• Attend research group meetings, trainings and check-ins, etc., as requested. Take photographs! Email them to MC!
• It is CRITICAL that you learn how to save SEM and AFM images at the HIGHEST DPI / CONTRAST possible! ASK YOUR MENTOR HOW NOW!!
• Stop by and chat with Melanie-Claire weekly.

• Research! Take photographs of you and your fellow interns working in the lab! Email them to MC.
• Attend any tours or special events set up as part of the program. Take photographs!
• Begin preparing your convocation presentation and final report! Ask your PI/M – what have we done so far that I should report on?  If you create one PowerPoint slide and summary paragraph each week, you’ll have your presentation and poster done by August, and have a solid outline for your final report. Remember – gather good, high resolution SEM and AFM images.
• Stop by and chat with Melanie-Claire weekly.

• Work towards finishing up your research. Take photographs! Email them to MC!
• Put the final touches on your presentation for the nano-convocation. Be sure to practice!
• Work on your FINAL REPORT with your PI and Mentors.
• Attend the REU Nano-Convocation on Thursday, August 2nd.  Dress professionally please!
• CNF REUs - Attend the NNCI REU Convocation starting Sunday, August 5th.  Dress professionally please!
• Submit your FINAL REPORT by Friday, August 10th.



If at any time during the CNF-Hosted REU Programs, your PI and your CNF Site Director and/or REU Program Coordinator determine that you are not living up to these expectations, the CNF reserves the right to terminate your award. You will not be required to reimburse the
CNF for any expenses, but [1] you will not collect any unpaid stipend, [2] your travel and housing arrangements will be terminated, and [3] you will be sent home at your own expense.


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