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The CNF has the following slurries available for use on the Strasbaugh 6EC CMP tool:

Cabot SemiSperse - SS12

 A slurry designed for silicon oxide planarization, this slurry is also used for nonselective polishing of silicon and polysilicon, as well as a general slurry for other nonspecific materials.

Cabot SemiSperse P1000
This slurry is designed for polysilicon damascene polishing in silicon oxide.  It is optimized to give a high polysilicon to silicon oxide selectivity.  The SS12 slurry is recommended when silicon oxide selectivity is not important.

Rodel MSW2000 

This slurry uses alumina abrasive particles and is designed for tungsten damascene polishing in silicon oxide.  It has also been used successfully for damascene polishing of similar metals (titanium, tantulum, nickel).

 Cabot iCue 5001

This is a slurry designed for damascene polishing of copper in silicon oxide.  It can also be used for the polishing of typical copper barrier metals as well (tantulum, titanium). 

Celexis CX94S 

This is a cesium oxide based slurry that gives high selectivity to silicon oxide over silicon nitride.  It was developed for Shallow Trench Isolation (STI) polishing processes but it can be used for a variety of potential fabrication schemes requiring selectivity to silicon nitride. 

Ultra-Sol C11 

This is a Ceria (Cesium Oxide) based slurry designed to give oxide to silicon (single crystal and polycrystalline).  Quoted selectivities are 3:1 (SS12 for example tends to be about 1:2).

Ultra-Sol A12
This slurry is based on alumina (Aluminum Oxide) slurry particles and is designed for polishing hardened polymers like Polyimide and hard baked photoresists.
Ultra-Sol PMP
This is an abrasive-free chemical agent for polishing precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum.

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