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Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) Template Fabrication

CNF offers processes to support the fabrication of NIL templates.  Currently, CNF is capable of fabricating Si NIL templates.  A process for UV-NIL (also referred to as step and flash imprint lithography or SFIL) is currently under development and should be complete by Fall of 2005. 

Membrane Stencil Masks for Charged Particle Lithography

CNF has significant expertise in the fabrication of membrane masks for charged particle lithography.  This process consists of patterning high resolution features in a membrane substrate using electron beam lithography and reactive ion etching.  The membranes for this work typically consist of low stress silicon nitride or Si.  An example of a Si stencil mask created at CNF for masked ion beam lithography is shown in the following electron micrograph.



80 nm feature sizes etched into a Si membrane mask.  The patterns were defined using the Leica VB6 EBL system at CNF.  This work was performed by Mark Morgan, EDTEK, CNF Project 509-94



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