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2015 NNIN REU Convocation at Cornell University

Sunday, August 9 - Wednesday, August 12

Hosted by the Cornell NanoScale Facility






Sunday-Wednesday, August 9-12, 2015
Cornell University, Ithaca NY


Interns have TWELVE minutes on the schedule (79 INTERN TALKS, REU & iREG)

Plenary Sessions are held in 101 Phillips Hall
Parallel Presentation Sessions will be given in 203 and 219 Phillips Hall
The Poster Session & Reception will take place in the Duffield Hall Atrium

All breakfasts are BEFORE the day's events
Interns at Becker House Dining Room and Staff at Best Western
Lunches & Dinners are as described each day.
Snacks will be available through-out the day in the presentation rooms.



6:30 PM Welcome Pizza Party! Hans Bethe House Dining Room
Food Provided By Cornell Dining
Introduce NNIN REU Management!
Games/Packets/Presentation Uploading by Site Statf (see Lynn)


(Everyone has breakfast BEFORE the day's events begin)

8:45-9:10 a.m. Welcome, UPSON B17
    Don Tennant, CNF Director of Operations
    Lynn Rathbun, NNIN Deputy Director

(Ten minutes for travel to the presentation rooms)

SESSION 203_A (http://cnf.webcast.video.cornell.edu/Mediasite/Play/c2e639413f8d410f80badd8b47f16a4f1d)
SESSION 203_A, Session Chair: Nancy Healy

9:20-9:32, 203_A1; Mr. Isaac Fuhrman; Crumpled Graphene Oxide-Polysulfone Composite Membranes for Water Purification
9:32-9:44, 203_A2; Ms. Anisa Swei; Micropatterns and PDMS Microdevices for the Investigation of Cardiac Muscle Cell Structure and Function
9:44-9:56, 203_A3; Mr. Victor Acero; Enhancement of High-Performance Graphene Biosensors for Cancer Detection
9:56-10:08, 203_A4; Mr. Raymond Barakat; Tablet Analysis and Display of Semiconductor Biosensors
10:08-10:20, 203_A5; Ms. Jyoti Campbell; Optimization of Thin Film Composite Polyamide Reverse Osmosis Membrane by Polyethylene Glycol for Enhanced Fouling Resistance

SESSION 219_A (http://cnf.webcast.video.cornell.edu/Mediasite/Play/ba621c7aeff84e518710e79af81f01561d)
SESSION 219_A, Session Chair: Joyce Allen

9:20-9:32, 219_A1; Ms. Emilie Benson; Electrostatic Gating of MBE-Grown NdTiO3 Thin Films
9:32-9:44, 219_A2; Mr. Nathan Brooks; Image Reconstruction through Scattering Media using a Single-Pixel Camera
9:44-9:56, 219_A3; Mr. Benjamin Carberry; Zinc Oxide Deposition Methods for Opto-Electronic Applications
9:56-10:08, 219_A4; Mr. Yaset Evo; Nanoscale Light Emitting Diodes with Tunable Emission Colors
10:08-10:20, 219_A5; Mr. Michael Valerino; Bandwidth Expansion for Lippmann-Bragg Holographic Photopolymers


SESSION 203_B (http://cnf.webcast.video.cornell.edu/Mediasite/Play/c2e639413f8d410f80badd8b47f16a4f1d)
SESSION 203_B, Session Chair: Kathryn Hollar

10:50-11:02, 203_B1; Ms. Danielle Chase; Microfluidic Pipette Array for Single Cell Mechanics Studies
11:02-11:14, 203_B2; Ms. Catherine Demos; Imaging Live DU145 Cancer Cells Using Scanning Probe Microscope
11:14-11:26, 203_B3; Mr. Matthew Devlin; Exploration of protein capture methods for applications in microfluidic devices
11:26-11:38, 203_B4; Ms. Christina Franke; Optimization of nanoparticle delivery to plants: Do nanoparticle properties affect cellular internalization?
11:38-11:50, 203_B5; Ms. Michelle Galarneau; A Microfluidic Mimic of the Human Microvasculature

SESSION 219_B (http://cnf.webcast.video.cornell.edu/Mediasite/Play/ba621c7aeff84e518710e79af81f01561d)
SESSION 219_B, Session Chair: Michael Deal

10:50-11:02, 219_B1; Mr. Brian Bemis; Design and analysis of nano-scale resonators to be integrated with monolayer heterostructures
11:02-11:14, 219_B2; Ms. Kasia Gibson; Optical Resonant Frequency Detection System for Mass-Sensing MEMS Resonators
11:14-11:26, 219_B3; Ms. Marilyn Mathew; Microfabrication and Testing Of Directional Piezoelectric Microphones Using Aluminum Nitride
11:26-11:38, 219_B4; Mr. Travis O'Neil; Optimum Sputtering Conditions for In-Situ Crystallization of PZT Thin Films on Flexible
11:38-11:50, 219_B5; Mr. Zachary Schaffer; Design and Fabrication of Graphene on Nitride Accelerometer

12:00-1:30p, Lunch & Site Photographs as Assigned

1:30-3:00-Second Year Program, Dr. Lynn Rathbun, UPSON B17

(Ten minutes for travel to the presentation rooms)

SESSION 203_C (http://cnf.webcast.video.cornell.edu/Mediasite/Play/1b7bbdca9fdd4744a569ec1da8546f7d1d)
SESSION 203_C, Session Chair: Michelle Chavis

3:10-3:22, 203_C1; Mr. Jacob Heppner; High-Throughput Fabrication of Nanofluidic Biosensors
3:22-3:34, 203_C2; Mr. Joseph Hittinger; Optimization & Characterization of Gold Nanoparticle-DNA Conjugate Devices
3:34-3:46, 203_C3; Ms. Bilan Yang; Graphene Fabrication with a Motorized Linear Stage based on "Scotch Tape" Method
3:46-3:58, 203_C4; Mr. Adam Kunesh; The Wrinkling of Thin Elastic Membranes as a Cancer Diagnostic
3:58-4:10, 203_C5; Ms. Abigail Magee; Fabrication and Design of EGFET Devices for Biosensing
4:10-4:22, 203_C6; Ms. Tayler Pauls; Nanoplasmonic Biosensing Microfluidics for Immune Status Monitoring of Critically-Ill Children

SESSION 219_C (http://cnf.webcast.video.cornell.edu/Mediasite/Play/a8e2387aedb64495ad8bf2a9e1067f811d)
SESSION 219_C, Session Chair: Kathy Gehoski

3:10-3:22, 219_C1; Ms. Robyn Collette; Determining the Spin Hall Angle of Gadolinium
3:22-3:34, 219_C2; Mr. Yasunori Kutsuma; Fundamental studies of the synthesis of graphene using plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition process
3:34-3:46, 219_C3; Mr. Michael Statt; The Optimization of Thin Film Molybdenum Disulfide Synthesis
3:46-3:58, 219_C4; Mr. Yuichi Tsujiura; Improvement of Sodium-Ion Batteries Using Solution-Grown Germanium Nanowire Anodes
3:58-4:10, 219_C5; Ms. Margot Hultz; Surface adsorption and enzymatic hydrolysis of polyphosphates - Implications for understanding phosphorus cycling
4:10-4:22, 219_C6; Ms. Mary Alsobrooks; Vanishing Programmable Resources: Design, Materials, & Characterization

4:22-4:30, Wrap Up and Dinner Plan (in presentation rooms)

5:30-8:00, Picnic on the Engineering Quad!
   BBQ provided by Catering By Ithaca Bakery (Baum Atrium)


(Everyone has breakfast BEFORE the day's events begin)

8:30-8:45 a.m., Welcome & Announcements, in presentation rooms
SESSION 203_D (http://cnf.webcast.video.cornell.edu/Mediasite/Play/76237e0c4a494fb9a05b1664e31eb6491d)
SESSION 203_D, Session Chair: Wendy Ibsen

8:45-8:57, 203_D1; Ms. Erin Rousseau; Micropipette cleaning and reuse for patch-clamp recording
8:57-9:09, 203_D2; Mr. Brian Ryu; A High-Throughput Image-Processing Based Analysis of Dynamic Cell Surface Interactions in a Microfluidic Chip
9:09-9:21, 203_D3; Mr. Alejandro Sanchez; High-Throughput Drug Screening in vivo Using Droplet Microfluidics
9:21-9:33, 203_D4; Mr. Cyrus Thompson; Development of Dual-Modality Nanoparticles for PET/MR
9:33-9:45, 203_D5; Mr. Shaun Engelmann; Research in a New Diagnostic Tool for Light Chain Amyloidosis
9:45-9:57, 203_D6; Ms. Jade Fostvedt; Infiltration, Imidization, and Cross-Linking of Polyimides in Molecular-Scale Confinement

SESSION 219_D (http://cnf.webcast.video.cornell.edu/Mediasite/Play/1f872b57065341179d742aa2806ab9061d)
SESSION 219_D, Session Chair: Sandrine Martin

8:45-8:57, 219_D1; Mr. Bryan Brasile; Simulation and Nanofabrication for Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
8:57-9:09, 219_D2; Ms. Nermina Brljak; Electric Field-Directed Assembly of Nanowires on Patterned Electrodes
9:09-9:21, 219_D3; Ms. Molly Enenbach; Fabrication of Test Samples for Calibration and Testing in Three-dimensional Super Resolution Microscopy
9:21-9:33, 219_D4; Mr. Abbas Furniturewalla; A Suspended Heater Wire for Low Power Gas Sensing Using the 3-Omega Technique
9:33-9:45, 219_D5; Ms. Emily MacDonald; Part 1: Nanofabrication and Characterization of Quasi-Crystal Metasurfaces using Shadow-Sphere Lithography
9:45-9:57, 219_D6; Ms. Caroline Zellhofer; Part 2: Nanofabrication and Characterization of Quasi-Crystal Metasurfaces using Shadow-Sphere Lithography


SESSION 203_E (http://cnf.webcast.video.cornell.edu/Mediasite/Play/76237e0c4a494fb9a05b1664e31eb6491d)
SESSION 203_E, Session Chair: Marylene Palard

10:30-10:42, 203_E1; Mr. Harold Fu; Optical Characterization of AlInAsSb Digital Alloy Films
10:42-10:54, 203_E2; Mr. Masashi Fukuzawa; Advanced Dielectrics for Microelectronics: Chemically Amplified, Low-k Materials
10:54-11:06, 203_E3; Mr. Tom George; Ultrathin, Smooth, and Stable Doped Silver Films
11:06-11:18, 203_E4; Mr. Justin Goodwill; Optimizing Contact Resistance to MoS2 for Improved Device Performance
11:18-11:30, 203_E5; Ms. Sophia Hu; Aluminum-Induced Crystallization of Silicon Thin Films on Flexible Glass Substrates
11:30-11:42, 203_E6; Mr. Nathan Huber; Enhanced Mobility in a SiO2 Capped 2DEG at SrTiO3 (100) Surface

SESSION 219_E (http://cnf.webcast.video.cornell.edu/Mediasite/Play/1f872b57065341179d742aa2806ab9061d)
SESSION 219_E, Session Chair: Nathan Reed

10:30-10:42, 219_E1; Ms. Lorelis Gonzalez Lopez; Diblock Copolymers for Diamond Patterning and Applications
10:42-10:54, 219_E2; Ms. Alin Miksi Kalayjian; Designing a Conjugated Polymer Consisting of Phenyl-oxazole Derivatives Using C-H/C-O Coupling
10:54-11:06, 219_E3; Mr. Christopher Phenicie; Diverse Patterns and Geometries in Self-Assembled Block Copolymer Thin Films Through Multilayer Mixing
11:06-11:18, 219_E4; Ms. Elyse Pizzella; Synthesis and Characterization of Size- and Shape-Specific Gold Nanocrystals for Superlattice Assembly
11:18-11:30, 219_E5; Ms. Claire West; Magnetic Fano Interferences in Plasmonic Metal Oligomers

Lunch -11:42-1:30-Lunch (Meal Tickets for Mattin's Cafe and Sage Hall Cafe)

SESSION 203_F (http://cnf.webcast.video.cornell.edu/Mediasite/Play/b9973f36b9c24ed8b14ad985d74a16221d)
SESSION 203_F, Session Chair: Tomoko Borsa

1:30-1:42, 203_F1; Ms. Janay Frazier; Fabrication of Diamond Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes
1:42-1:54, 203_F2; Ms. Rachel Miller; Optimizing Hard Mask Etching for Quartz Nano-Devices
1:54-2:06, 203_F3; Ms. Anoosha Murella; Minimizing Losses in TiO2 Thin-Film Waveguides for Nanophotonic Applications
2:06-2:18, 203_F4; Mr. Philip Zurek; High-Efficiency Broadband Lippmann-Bragg Reflection Holograms
2:18-2:30, 203_F5; Mr. Scott Blankenbaker; Fabrication of bio-inspired photonic structures for antireflectivity in cadmium telluride infrared detectors
2:30-2:42, 203_F6; Mr. Corey Kwok; In Fiber Flow Rate Sensors using Thermally Drawn Multi-material Fluidic Channel Fibers

SESSION 219_F (http://cnf.webcast.video.cornell.edu/Mediasite/Play/1defd8b61a98463ea3edd46e74f4590a1d)
SESSION 219_F, Session Chair: James Marti

1:30-1:42, 219_F1; Ms. Taylor Soucy; Measurement and management of thin film stresses
1:42-1:54, 219_F2; Ms. Anna Smith; Conformation of Organic Electronics to the Hemispherical Shape Using Elastomeric Transfer Elements
1:54-2:06, 219_F3; Mr. Andrew King; Atomically Thin Films: Fabrication and Real-Time Electrical Characterization
2:06-2:18, 219_F4; Ms. Elizabeth Lee; Magneto-Optic Characterization of Ferromagnetic Thin Films for Use in Nano-Scale Computer Applications
2:18-2:30, 219_F5; Mr. Quang Nguyen; Multidimensional Metal-Dielectric Plasmonic Array
2:30-2:42, 219_F6; Ms. Veronika Werner; Study of quantum confined nanostructures at low temperatures with opto-electronic measurements


3:00-4:30-Careers in Nanotechnology Panel Discussion, Phillips 101


5:30-Buses to Sciencenter (BAKER FLAG POLE)

6:00-8:30-Sciencenter, http://www.sciencenter.org/
  Middle Eastern Dinner at the Sciencenter
8:30--Buses back to BAKER FLAG POLE


(Everyone has breakfast BEFORE the day's events begin)

8:30-8:45 a.m., Welcome & Announcements, in presentation rooms

SESSION 203_G (http://cnf.webcast.video.cornell.edu/Mediasite/Play/b9ec44adffea485492113f1815006a231d)
SESSION 203_G, Session Chair: Jameson Wetmore

8:45-8:57, 203_G1; Mr. Raul Flores; Fabrication of All-Aluminum p-Type Silicon Solar Cells
8:57-9:09, 203_G2; Ms. Cristina Guillen; Fabrication of Light Emitters and Photovoltaic Cells with GaAs Nanowires on Metal Substrates
9:09-9:21, 203_G3; Mr. Alexander Rosner; Evaluation of TiO2 as Carrier Selective Contact for High Efficiency Photovoltaic Applications
9:21-9:33, 203_G4; Mr. Yusuke Hayashi; Graphene/III-V Electro-optic Hybrid Devices
9:33-9:45, 203_G5; Ms. Andrea Randolph; Graphene Junction Field Effect Transistors on a Silicon Carbide Substrate
9:45-9:57, 203_G6; Mr. Joshua Bostwick; High Aspect Ratio Dry Etching of Gallium Nitride

SESSION 219_G (http://cnf.webcast.video.cornell.edu/Mediasite/Play/62ac98b9917248719a017d86724bdbe61d)
SESSION 219_G, Session Chair: Karl Bohringer

8:45-8:57, 219_G1; Mr. Joshua Alden; Temperature Dependence of Carbon Nanotube Growths
8:57-9:09, 219_G2; Ms. Stephanie Pastor; Delta-Doping of Diamond
9:09-9:21, 219_G3; Ms. Tanaka Benton; Growth of Graphene by Silicon Carbide Sublimation
9:21-9:33, 219_G4; Ms. Mikayla Essigmann; Smart-Cut Processing for Transfer of High-Temperature Ceramic Materials to Silicon
9:33-9:45, 219_G5; Mr. Scott Chow; Engineering the Fixed Charge of Al2O3 for Field-Assisted Passivation in Heterojunction Solar Cells
9:45-9:57, 219_G6; Mr. Isaac DiGennaro; Mechanical Testing of Flextrode: An ITO-free, transparent, polymer based electrode


10:30-12:00, Societal and Ethical Issues (SEI) of Nanotechnology Discussion, Phillips 101

12:00-1:30p, Lunch (Buffet in Statler Ballroom)

1:30-2:00, Set Up Poster Session in Duffield Atrium

2:00-4:00, Poster Session & Reception, Duffield Hall Atrium
  All posters up. Spend 60 minutes at your poster!

4:00-4:30, Wrap Up, Atrium; Melanie-Claire & Lynn Rathbun

The evening is free -- no plans for interns!




(Breakfast as usual)

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