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User Process Information

Processes and baseline measurements made by the CNF Fellows

Following are links to processes and measurements made by Cornell graduate students at CNF for use by CNF users.

Please note: any recipe on this page is meant as a starting point for your process and has been obtained under very specific control conditions. To achieve the exact results you need for your project will likely require some iteration of characterization runs in which you tweak the process time or process parameters. If you are not realizing the expected results, CNF staff can help you. Please seek the tool owner's advice. You should expect some process refinement when you are establishing a new process or have not run a process step for some time -- this is normal.


Process data on AFS   This link works on CNF computers.  Some versions of Firefox will not load it.  You can get to it using the Windows network file system for the AFS server:


Stress-Free Polysilicon Deposition and Annealing Process 

Etch rates and etch selectivities

Processes from Theses by CNF Users

CNF users who would like to see dissertations or theses done by other CNF users to get detailed process information can find them here on the Cornell eCommons system maintained by the Cornell library.  If that link doesn't work, go to, search for CNF and click on the thesis title.

Theses in the OPEN collection are downloadable immediately.  Those in the CLOSED collection have restricted access at the request of the author but you can try contacting the author for a copy.

After 5 years everything gets moved to the OPEN collection. 

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