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Facility History
National Research and Resource Facility for Submicron Structures (NRRFSS) - 1977-1986
National Nanofabrication Facility (NNF)* - 1987-1993
Cornell Nanofabrication Facility (CNF, hub for NNUN) - 1994-2003
Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility (CNF, hub for NNIN) - 2004-2015

  Member, NSF National Nanofabrication Users Network (NNUN) - 1997-2003
  Member, NSF National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN) - 2004-2015
  Member, NSF National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI) - 2016 to present

* P.S. To our knowledge, we at Cornell were the first to use "Nano" in our official name nationally.
Staff History
Adesida, Illesanmi 1979-1984 NRRFSS IBM Postdoc Fellow, Research Associate
Allen, Nelson 1978-1996 Research Model Shop Supervisor
Alpha, Christopher 2014-present User Progran Manager 
Amponsah, Ebenezer 2005-2014 Temp Serv Svc
Andersen, Theresa 2002-2003 Receptionist and User Program Assistant
Appleby, Marsha 1998-2002 Receptionist and User Program Assistant
Baker, Kelly 2002-present Equipment Technician
Ballantyne, Joseph 1977-1978 Acting Director, NRRFSS
Ballantyne, Joseph 1978-1979 Associate Director for PROSUS
Ballantyne, Joseph 1998-1999 CNF Lester B. Knight Director
Banerjee, Amrita 2014-present Research Associate E-Beam Lithography 
Baxter, Gregory 1998-2001 Biotechnology Research Associate
Besemer, Lisa 2001-2001 Temp Serv Svc
Biswas, Drubes 1994 Research Associate
Bleier, Alan 2001-present MicroElectronics Engineer / Sr. Research Assoc.
Blocker, Truman G. 1990-1991 Director Of Corporate Relations
Bojko, Rick 1986-1995 Electron Beam Lithography
Bordonaro, Garry 1993-present Microlithograpic Engineer
Botsch, David 2006-present Prog/ Analyst III
Branchini, Kelli 1990-1995 Receptionist and User Program Assistant
Bryant, Brenda 1984-1987 Accounting
Budinger, Denise 1994-present CNF Financial Manager
Bugliari, Donna 1982-1983 Accounting
Buhrman, Robert 1980-1983 Associate Director
Burgess, Steve 1986 Computer Systems
Camacho, Edward 2006-present Photolithography Engineer
Carignani, Anne 1982-1983 Receptionist and User Program Assistant
Carr, Dustin 1997-1999 Research Supp Spec III
Chandler Lambert, Linda 1982 Receptionist
Chapman, Phil 1989-1994 Thin Film Processing
Clair, Jim 1988-2008 Thin Film Evaporations, Lab Support
Clark, Alton H. 1994-2000 Associate Director
Clark, Alton H. 1995-1996 Interim NNF Director
Clark, Alton H. 1997-1998 Interim NNF Director
Clark, Jeremy 2015-present Plasma Processing and Tool Engineer 
Clark, Kimberly 1992-1998 Receptionist And Office Assistant
Clark, Ruby 1989-1990 General Accounting
Cleveland, Carol 1991-2009 Executive Staff Assistant
Comeau, Gerald (Jerry) 1982-2003 Research Supp Spec III
Costello, Dennis 1986-2000 Computing Systems Manager
Craighead, Harold 1989-1995 CNF Lester B. Knight Director
Deeb, Michael 1998-2000 Equipment Tech III
DeFano, Phyllis 1989-1990 Administrative Manager
Dinsmore, Daniel 1986 Equipment Technican
Drumheller, Jerry 1994-present Sputter Deposition, Ion Milling
Edminister, Joseph 1988-1990 Assistant Director Of Corporate Relations
Esch, Mandy 2001-2007 Biotechnology Research Associate
Fish, Melissa 1990-1996 Corporate Relations Secretary
Frey, Jeffrey 1980 Associate Director for PROSUS
Galvin, Gregory 1984-1986 Associate Director
Galvin, Gregory 1986-1989 Deputy Director
Genova, Vincent 1999-present Etch Engineer
Gerretsen, Jurriaan 2005-2006 Interim Associate Director
Gerth, Albert 2002 Visiting Scientist
Guillorn, Michael 2003-2006 E-Beam Lithography Research Associate
Hardie, Meg 1992-1997 Corporate & Public Relations Associate
Hubbel, Jack 1985-1996 Machinist
Ilic, Bojan (Rob) 2002-2014 Research Staff, CNF User Program Manager
Infante, Phil 1994-present Research Supp Spec III: MOS Processing
Ink, Ray 1961-2001 Building Supervisor
Johnson, Marsha 1999-2002 Administrative Asst III
Keim, LeAnn 1994-1995 Photolithography
Kisacky, Greg 1986 Photolithography
Koumjian, John 1989-1990 Scanning Electron Microscope
Kratschmer, Ernst 1983-1985 Research Associate
Krusius, Peter 1982 Associate Director for PROSUS
Lehtonen, Andrea 1989-1990 Receptionist And User Program
Lillienfeld, Dave 1989-1996 Research Associate
MacDonald, Noel 1986-1987 Acting Director
MacDonald, Noel 1995-1997 CNF Lester B. Knight Director
Malliaras, George 2006-2010 CNF Lester B. Knight Director
Mallison, Melanie-Claire 1996-present Public Relations & Publications Associate
McCollister, Dan 1980-1984 Research Support Specialist
McCollister, Dan 2011-present Research Support Specialist
McHugh, S. 1981-1982 Secretary
Metzler, Meredith 2002-2015 Processing Support Specialist
Montanye, Leslie 2002-2006 Accounts Rep III
Mukerjee, Sayan 1981 Research Associate
Musa, Karlis 1989-present Computer Systems
Nagy, Gabor 1998-2000 Research Supp Spec III
Nichols, Robin 1990-1995 Executive Staff Assistant
Nulman, Jaime 1984 Silicon Processing
Ober, Christopher 2016-present CNF Lester B. Knight Director
Panepucci, Roberto 1999-2002 Research Associate,Sr
Pechenik, Alexander 2001-2004 Associate Director
Pelletier, Paul 2003-2013 Equipment Specialist
Pennell, Tom 2014-present Research Support Specialist 
Petry, George 1989-1996 Research Model Shop
Phillips, James R. (Randy) 1980-1982 Ion Implantation
Pugh, Graham 1989-1993 Photolithography
Ralph, Dan 2010-2016 CNF Lester B. Knight Director
Rathbun, Lynn 1979-present NNIN Program Manager, CNF Laboratory Manager  
Rettig, Hillary 1982-1983 Administrative Assistant to Director
Rhoades, Beth 2008-present Sr. Biology Associate 
Rooks, Michael 1989-1997 Process Integration
Rowe, Joanie 1986 Administrative Assistant
Schwoeble, Andrea 1977-1982 Administrative Assistant to Director
Silcox, John 2005-2006 Interim CNF Director
Skvarla, Michael 1982-present Research Supp Spec IV & CNF User Program Manager
Sladich, Debbie 1984-1987 Administrative Supervisor
Soave, Bob 1986-1996 Silicon Processing
Spencer, David 1993-2002 Research Supp Spec III: Electron Beam Lithography
Springer, Kathy 2003-present Receptionist and User Program Assistant
Stewart, Derek 2004-2014 Scientific Computation Research Associate
Sullivan, Susan 1989-1990 Receptionist And User Program
Tennant, Donald 2006-present Director of Operations
Tiberio, Richard 1979-2005 Research Associate,Sr; Electron Beam Lithography
Tiwari, Sandip 1999-2005 CNF Lester B. Knight Director
Treichler, John 2001-present Research Supp Spec III; Electron Beam Lithography
Van Arsdale, Helen 1989-1990 Directors' Aide And Industrial Relations
Veronneau, Joy 1989-1990 Assistant Computing Systems Manager
Viseu, Ana 2004-2007 Social & Ethical Issues Coordinator
Vliet, Rebecca 2009-present Executive Staff Assistant
Wagner, Ken 1979-1982 Research Associate, Assistant Director for PROSUS
Westly, Daron 2001-2014 Research Supp Spec III: Electron Beam Lithography
Whetten, Nellie 1984-1987 Research Associate
Whetten, Timothy 1984-1987 Technical Staff
Whitehead, Brian 1981-1987 Research Associate
Williams, John 1998-1999 Research Supp Spec III
Williams, Karl 1995-1998 Clean Room Technician
Windsor, Aaron 2009-present Thin Film Process Engineer 
Wolf, Edward D. 1978-1986 NRRFSS Director
Wolf, Edward D. 1987-1988 NNF Director
Wolf, Edward D. 1992 Associate Director of Corporate Relations
Wolf, Edward D. 1993 Interim Director of Corporate Relations
Wood, Colin 1979 Research Associate,Sr.; Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Woodie, Daniel 2000-2011 Research Supp Spec III; Lab Use Manager, Lab Safety
Wright, Sam 2000-present Equipment Tech V; Research Lab Technician
Wu, Xinwei 2015-present Research Associate Thin Film Processes 
Yang, Shijie 1998-2006 IT Support

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