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Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility
2015-2016 Research Accomplishments
(2016cnfRA.pdf, 5.9MB file)


The links below will take you to PDFs of the reports, unless otherwise noted. The files are between 168K and 5.9MB. If you find a broken link, please email Ms. Melanie-Claire Mallison. If you prefer hard-copy, please email Ms. Mallison with your request and include your complete street address.

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2015-2016 CNF Research Accomplishments Introduction
(2016cnfRA_aTOC.pdf, Includes the Table of Contents, Directors' Introduction, CNF-Related Patents, Presentations and Publications from 2015, and Common Abbreviations and their Meanings)


Cover Art: The cover images are from "Growth and Characterization of Ultra-Strong Multi-Layer Graphene"; CNF Project Number 2386-15, Principal Investigator Sol M. Gruner, and User Gabrielle Illava; MacCHESS and Biophysics/ Physics; Cornell University. Background: Figure 1, Fold of MLG graphene after transfer to silicon nitride TEM grid that allows for side view of multiple layers. Inset: Figure 4, The graphene dragon, an interesting fold of MLG after transfer to silicon nitride TEM grid. Full report starts on page 198.


2015-2016 CNF Research Accomplishments
Table of Contents by Section


Biological Applications, pages 2-55
Retinal Implant Project, page 2
Body-on-a-Chip Models for Drug Screening, page 4
Microfluidic Device for Aptamer-Based Cancer Cell Capture and Genetic Mutation Detection, page 6
Microfluidic Device for Single Cell Genetic and Epigenetic Analysis, page 8
Scalable Sensor Array Platform for Analysis of Quantal Transmitter Release Events, page 10
A MEMS Microtensiometer for Sensing Water Potential in Plants and Soils, page 12
Silicon Nitride Cantilevers for Muscle Myofibril Force Measurements, page 14
Biomimetic Models of the Tumor Microenvironment and Angiogenesis, page 16
Patterned Surfaces for Studying IgE Receptor Mediated Signaling and Plasma Membrane Trafficking, page 18
Progress Towards Achieving Nanophotonic Trapping for Precise Manipulation of Biomolecular Arrays on Si3N4 Waveguides, page 20
Generalized Microfluidic Immunosensor for Antibody Detection, page 22
KS-Detect: A Solar Thermal Microfluidic PCR Platform for Health Diagnostics in Resource Limited Settings, page 24
Fabrication of Elastomeric Microposts with Step-Changes in Rigidity, page 26
Ultra-Thin Glass Windows for Biological Small Angle X-Ray Scattering, page 28
Design and Application of Microfluidic Devices to Study Cell Migration in Confined Environments, page 30
Micro-Fabricated Sample Holder for Cryogenic Small Angle X-Ray Scattering Experiments, page 32
Near-Field Optical Trapping for High-Throughput Nanoparticle Analysis, page 34
Fabrication of DNA Stabilizing Nanofluidic Channels for High-Resolution Optical Imaging of Transcription in vitro, page 36
Microfabricated Devices for Cell Organization, page 38
Temporal Correlation Between SNARE Conformational Change and Vesicle Fusion, page 40
Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)-Based Organic Light-Emitting Diode Device Fabrication, page 42
Microfluidic Chip for Drop-seq Platform, page 44
Etching Micropatterns on Si Wafers towards PDMS Protein Casting on Hydrogels, page 46
Manufacture of SU-8 Microfluidic Channel Molds for the Study of Biofilms in Bioelectrochemical Systems, page 48
New Approaches to Elucidate the Structure of the Tomato Fruit Cuticle, page 50
Handheld Chem/Biosensor Combining Metasurfaces and Engineered Sensor Proteins to Enhance SPR, page 52
Creating an On-Chip and High Throughput Alternative to Optical Tweezers, page 54


Chemistry, pages 56-63
Modified Co-Planar Waveguides for Investigating Organic Semiconductors using MRFM, page 56
Chemical Bonding Across the Periodic Table at High and Ambient Pressures, page 58
Mid-Infrared Transparent Substrate for Alkylsiloxane Monolayers, page 60
Micrometer-Scale Coplanar Waveguides for Nanoscale Magnetic Resonance Imaging, page 62
Charge Injection in Boron Nitride Nanosheets, page 64


Electronics, pages 64-85
Electro Static Quadrupole Fabrication Using Silicon, page 66
Silicon Dioxide and Polymer-Based Transient Electronics with Rubidium Fuel for Electrical to Thermal Energy Amplification, page 68
Novel Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices Using Layered Materials, page 70
GaN-on-GaN p-n Power Diodes with BV > 3.48 kV and Ron = 0.95 mΩ·cm2: A Record High Figure-of-Merit of 12.8 GW/cm2, page 72
Vertical Ga2O3 Schottky Barrier Diodes on Single-Crystal β-Ga2O3 <-201> Substrates, page 74
Fabrication of High Voltage Vertical GaN Schottky Barrier Diodes, page 76
Two-Dimensional Heterojunction Interlayer Tunneling FET Process Development, page 78
Extreme Electron Density Devices, page 80
Processing and Characterization of Wide-Bandgap Oxide Semiconductor Materials and Devices, page 82
Surface Acoustic Wave Devices with Piezoresistive Graphene Pickup, page 84


Materials, pages 86-111
Millisecond Crystallization Kinetics of InGaO3(ZnO)m, page 86
Recent Progress in Nanoparticle Photoresist Development for EUV Lithography, page 88
Oxide Nanoparticle EUV Photoresist Studies, page 90
Electrical Annealing of Thin Films Using Nanocalorimetry, page 92
Confinement & Template Assisted Assembly of Functional Colloids, page 94
Mimicry of Biological Adhesion Through Fabrication of Fibrillar Surfaces, page 96
Block Copolymer-Directed Gyroidal Mesoporous Superconductors, page 98
Investigation on Hydrogen Diffusivity in Palladium-Based Alloys, page 100
Charge Transport and Localization in Atomically Coherent Quantum Dot Solids, page 102
Nanostructured Polymer Brush, page 104
Genetically Designed Photonic Crystal Nanocavities, page 106
Immobilization of Cubic Boron Nitride Particles on Silicon and Quartz Substrates, page 108
Silicon-Based Anti-Reflection Coating for Terahertz Optics, page 110


Mechanical Devices, pages 112-129
Thermal Effects in One- and Two- Dimensional Micro-Electro-Mechanical Resonators, page 112
Self-Folding with Graphene Bimorphs, page 114
Near Zero Power Electrostatic Switches, page 116
Micro Components for Self-Calibrating Inertial Sensors, page 118
Particle Fabrication for Rheology Measurement of Structured Suspensions, page 120
HBAR as a High Frequency High Stress Generator, page 122
The Nanoaquarium; A Device for in situ Electron Microscopy of Processes in Liquids, page 124
Fabrication of Holey SiN Membranes, page 126
High Temperature Near-Field Thermal Rectifier, page 128


Optics & Opto-Electronics, pages 130-147
Nano-Optomechanical Devices and Applications, page 130
High Visibility Time-Energy Entangled Photon Pairs from a Si Microdisk Resonator, page 132
Label-Free Characterization of Protein Aggregates and Nanoparticles Using Near-Field Light Scattering Microscopy, page 134
Fabrication of Silicon SPADs page 136
Titanium Dioxide Enables Visible Integrated-Evanescent Raman Sensors, page 138
Fabrication of Custom Diffractive Fourier Optics Devices for Functional Neuronal Imaging Using Extended Volume MFM, page 140
Pixelated Polarizer for IR Focal Plane Array, page 142
Making Silicon Grating Test Samples for Scatterometry System, page 144
Fabricating Self-Rolling Microtubes for Tuning Semiconductor Bandgaps, page 146


Physics & Nanostructure Physics, pages 148-185
Nanosecond-Timescale Low Error Switching of In-Plane Magnetic Tunnel Junctions Through Dynamic Oersted-Field Assisted Spin-Hall Effect, page 148
Strong Spin-Hall Effect in the Antiferromagnet PtMn, page 150
Generating Controllable Polarization Spin Currents through the Anomalous Hall Effect in FeGd, page 152
Creating Skyrmions Using Spin Transfer Torque, page 154
Measuring the Spin-Hall Effect in Rare Earth Thin Films page 156
Current-Generated Spin-Orbit Torques in MoS2 / Ferromagnet Bilayers, page 158
Electronic Transport of Topological 1D Channels in 2D Materials, page 160
Vortex Dynamics in Nanofabricated Superconducting Devices, page 162
Large Scale van der Waals Electronics with Atomic Level Controllability, page 164
Fabrication of Nanofluidic Cavities for Superfluid 3He Studies, page 166
Fabrication of Nanoscale Josephson Junctions for Quantum Coherent Superconducting Circuits, page 168
Development of Superconductor Circuits for Readout of Quantum Nanomechanical Resonators, page 170
Fabrication of Superconducting Devices for Quantum Information Science, page 172
Teepee-like Photonic Crystal with High Absorption and Very Low Reflection, page 174
Chiral Atomically Thin Films, page 176
Phase Sensitive Imaging of Magnetization Dynamics in Spin Hall Multilayers, page 178
Continuous Dynamical Decoupling of a Single Nitrogen-Vacancy Center in Diamond, page 180
Fabrication of Aligned Substrates, page 182
Chromium to Optimize Spin-Orbit Torques on Magnetic Devices, page 184


Process & Characterization, pages 186-203
Improving Dopant Activation in III-V Materials using Laser Spike Annealing, page 186
Charge Trapping and Degradation in Organic and Quantum Dot Transistors Studied using KPFM, page 188
Physically-Based Spatial Varying Anisotropic BRDF for Metal-Finishing Surface, page 190
Nanoscale Periodic Features with DUV and 5x Stepper Lithography, page 192
GaN Vertical Power p-n Diodes on Ammonothermal GaN Substrates; A Process Development at CNF, page 194
Growing Silicon Oxide using Dry Deposition Process to Support R&D Work at U. of Pennsylvania, page 196
Growth and Characterization of Ultra-Strong Multi-Layer Graphene, page 198
Experimental Study of the Resolution Limits -- and PDMS and Electroplating Applications -- of ADEX/SUEX Dry Photolithographic Film, page 200
Two-Step Photolithography for Fabrication of High Aspect Ratio SU-8 Rings, page 202


INDEXES, 204-208 [html]


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