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2014-2015 Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility Research Accomplishments
(2015cnfRA.pdf, 9MB file)


The links below will take you to PDFs of the reports, unless otherwise noted. The files are between 112K and 7MB. If you find a broken link, please email Ms. Melanie-Claire Mallison. If you prefer hard-copy, please email Ms. Mallison with your request and include your complete street address.

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Cover Art: The cover is an SEM image of a silicon optomechanical resonator, from CNF Project 1380-05, "Silicon Optomechanical Transducer," Principal Investigator: Prof. Sunil Bhave, Users: Ajay Bhat, Matthew Storey. Affiliation: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University. Full report on pages 98-99.


Table of Contents


Introduction, pages i-viii
(Includes the Table of Contents and Directors' Introduction)


Biological Applications, pages 2-47
Retinal Implant Project, page 2
Microfluidic and Nanofluidic Devices for Epigenetic Analysis, page 4
Fabrication and Demonstration of a Microplate-Based Enrichment Device Used for the Selection of Aptamers, page 6
Scalable Sensor Array Platform for Analysis of Quantal Transmitter Release Events, page 8
Silicon Nitride Cantilevers for Muscle Myofibril Force Measurements, page 10
Graphene-Channel Field Effect Transistors for Biosensing Applications, page 12
Imager Chip Packaging for Biological Samples, page 14
Patterned Surfaces for Studying EGF and IgE Receptor Signaling and the Formation of the Lysosomal Synapse, page 16
Progress Towards Nanophotonic Trapping for Precise Manipulation of Biomolecular Arrays on Si3N4 Waveguides, page 18
The Electrochemical Sensor’s Platform Fabrication for Antibody Detection Using the Antibody Catalyzed Water Oxidation Pathway, page 20
Biomechanics of Bacteria, page 22
Unidirectional Migration of Cancer Cells During Cancer Metastasis Recapitulated by Micromolding Collagen, page 24
Micropatterns and Microfabricated Devices to Assess Cardiac Function in iPSC-Derived Cardiac Cells, page 26
The Cooperative Role of Topography and Interstitial Flows on Breast Tumor Cell Invasion, page 28
Development of a Microfluidics Model for Studying Migration of Sperm in the Female Reproductive Tract, page 30
Fabrication of Silicon Photonic Structures for High-Sensitivity Biosensing, page 32
Fixed Path Length Silicon Sample Holders Improve CryoSAXS Measurements from Sub-Microliter Volumes, page 34
Nanophotonic Characterization of Nanoparticle-Surface Interactions Using Near-Field Light Scattering, page 36
Zero-Mode Waveguides on Thin Silicon Nitride Membranes for Efficient Single-Molecule Sequencing, page 38
Fabrication of DNA Stabilizing Nanofluidic Channels for High-Resolution Optical Imaging of Transcription in vitro , page 40
Microfabricated Devices for Cell Manipulation, page 42
Configurational Change of SNAREs During Exocytosis in SNAP-25 Deficient Mouse Chromaffin Cells, page 44
A Microfluidic Chip for Highly Parallel Single Cell Analysis, page 46


Chemistry, pages 48-53
Design and Characterization of a Micro-Reactor for Thin Film Deposition and in situ Surface Analysis, page 48
Mid-Infrared Transparent Substrate for Alkylsiloxane Monolayers, page 50
Micron-Scale Coplanar Waveguides to Enable Nanoscale Magnetic Resonance Imaging, page 52


Electronics, pages 54-63
Modified Co-Planar Waveguides for Studying Organic Semiconductors Using MRFM, page 54
Graphene-on-Nitride Valves and Sensors for Vaporizable Electronics, page 56
Sensing Single Electrons and Single Reactions with Liquid-Gated Carbon Nanotube Transistors, page 58
Novel Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices Using Layered Materials, page 60
Vertical 1.2 KV GaN P-N Diodes, page 62


Materials, pages 64-93
High Performance IGZO Transistors for Display Applications, page 64
Role of Water Vapor and Oxygen Vacancy Diffusion During Post-Deposition Annealing of IGZO, page 66
Doping Effects in a-IGZO Films Due to Thin Film Transistor Fabrication Processing, page 68
DUV and EUV Patternability Study of Nanoparticle Resists with 4-Bromobenzoic Acid Ligands, page 70
Metal Oxide Nanoparticle Photoresists with Aromatic Ligands for EUV Lithography, page 72
Nanocalorimetry Study of Single Layer Silver Alkanethiolate Crystals, page 74
Fabrication of Back-Gated MoS2 Device for Photocurrent Measurements, page 76
TEM-Compatible, High-Speed Nanotube Transistor Arrays, page 78
Transient Laser-Induced Heating of Block Copolymer-Directed Hierarchical Porous Structures, page 80
High Resolution Polymer Brush Patterning by Orthogonal Process, page 82
Investigation of the Structure of Water Confined Inside Carbon Nanotubes, page 84
PS-b-PMMA Phase Segregation Dynamics under Laser Induced Millisecond Thermal Annealing, page 86
Effect of Laser Annealing on the Structure of SiCOH Low-k Materials, page 88
High Heating Rates and Stress Evolution in Ag Thin Films, page 90
Silicon-Based Anti-Reflection Coating for Terahertz Optics, page 92


Mechanical Devices, pages 94-105
Scanned Probe Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy, page 94
Micro-Tweezers for the Free Manipulation of Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene, page 96
Silicon Optomechanical Transducer, page 98
The Nanoaquarium -- A Device for in situ Electron Microscopy of Processes in Liquids, page 100
MEMS Vibration Energy Harvester, page 102
Design and Fabrication of Universal TGV Reliability Test Vehicle Using a Glass Interposer, page 104


Optics and Opto-Electronics, pages 106-143
Frequency Conversion in Silicon Carbide Waveguides, page 106
Tunable Squeezing Using Coupled Ring Resonators on a Silicon Nitride Chip, page 108
Broadband Mid-Infrared Frequency Comb Generation in a Si3N4 Microresonator, page 110
Tunable Coupled Silicon Nitride Microring Optical Frequency Comb, page 112
Characterizing Side-Wall Roughness of Si3N4 Waveguides Using “Si-Fins" Imaged with Atomic Force Microscopy, page 114
Multi-Stable Synchronisation of Delay-Coupled Optomechanical Oscillators, page 116
On-Chip Mode-Division Multiplexing Switch, page 118
High-Q Photonic Crystal Cavities for On-Chip Spectroscopy, page 120
Nanophotonics in Silicon Carbide, page 122
Near-Field Light Scattering for Label-Free Characterization of Nanoparticles and Biomolecular Interactions, page 124
Microfabricated Germanium X-Ray Optics for CHESS, page 126
Pixelated Polarizer for IR Focal Plane Array, page 128
Fabrication of Silicon SPADs, page 130
Fabrication and Study of an Integrated MoS2/Ag Nanowire Coupled Plasmonic Device, page 132
Enabling Regenerative Optical Bio-Sensors with New Materials, page 134
Low-Loss Titanium Dioxide Waveguides and Resonators Using a Dielectric Lift-Off Fabrication Process, page 136
Plasmonic Bowtie Nanoantennas for Single Photon Source Applications, page 138
Design, Development and Fabrication of Custom Diffractive Fourier Optics Devices for Increased Efficiency and Extended Volume Multifocus Microscopy, page 140
Scalable Integrated Network of Solid-State Quantum Memories, page 142


Physics and Nanostructure Physics, pages 144-199
Pulse Switching of Nanomagnets in Three-Terminal Devices Using the Spin-Hall Effect, page 144
Enhancement of the Anti-Damping Spin Torque Efficacy of Platinum by Interface Modification, page 146
Temperature Dependence of Current-Induced Effective Spin-Orbit Fields in Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy Systems, page 148
Magnetic Properties of Magnetic Tunnel Junctions with Perpendicular Anisotropy, page 150
Giant Spin-Hall Effect Inside Thin Film PtHf Alloys, page 152
Generating Spin Torque through the Anomalous Hall Effect in FeGd, page 154
Creating Skyrmions Using Spin Transfer Torque, page 156
Heterostructures Based on 2D van der Waals Materials for Future Opto-Spintronic Devices, page 158
Manipulation of Magnetic Insulators with Spin Torque from the Spin Hall Effect, page 160
Fabrication of Ferromagnetic Wires with Perpendicular Anisotropy for use in Graphene Spin Valves, page 162
Measuring the Spin Hall Effect in Lu Thin Films, page 164
Toward Folding Graphene: Graphene/Oxide Bimorphs, page 166
Hong-Ou-Mandel Interference between Transverse Spatial Waveguide Modes, page 168
Near-Field Radiative Heat Transfer between Nanostructures Using SiC, page 170
Vortex Dynamics in Nanofabricated Superconducting Devices, page 172
Graphene Windows for airSEM, page 174
Silicon Nitride Nanowires Immersed in Superfluid 3He, page 176
Fabrication of Test Diodes, page 178
Fabrication of Nanoscale Josephson Junctions for Quantum Coherent Superconducting Circuits, page 180
Development of Superconductor Circuits for Readout of Quantum Nanomechanical Resonators, page 182
Fabrication of Superconducting Devices for Quantum Information Science, page 184
Genetically Designed Photonic Crystal Nanocavities with Measured Ultra-High Q/V Modes, page 186
Designing Atomically Thin Materials by Layer-by-Layer Stacking of Graphene with Twist Angle Controls, page 188
Spatiotemporal Imaging of Magnetization Dynamics at the Nanoscale, page 190
Mechanical Driving of a Nitrogen-Vacancy Center Spin Ensemble, page 192
Fabrication of Simple Cubic Photonic Crystals for Applications in Light-Bending and Trapping, page 194
Nanofabrication and Patterning of Magnetic Tunnel Junction Arrays for Minimal Energy Electronic Systems, page 196
Graphene Membrane Resonator Fabrication, page 198


Process and Characterization, pages 200-209
Electrical Characterization of Si+ Implanted InGaAs under Laser Spike Annealing Using Micro-Van der Pauw Devices, page 200
Transport Characterization of Monolayer and Bilayer Transferred Epitaxial (0001) SiC Graphene, page 202
Accurately Measuring Local Electric Fields Using Kelvin Probe Force Microscope, page 204
Nanoscale Periodic Features Using DUV Lithography, page 206
Ion Milling of Mica, page 208


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