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The 2011-2012 Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility Research Accomplishments


The links below will take you to PDFs of the reports, unless otherwise noted. The file sizes range from 131K to 8MB. If you find a broken link, please email Ms. Melanie-Claire Mallison. If you prefer hard-copy, please email Ms. Mallison with your request and include your complete street address.

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2011-2012 CNF Research Accomplishments
(Complete Book, 2012cnfRA.pdf, 284 pages, 8MB)


2011-2012 CNF Research Accomplishments Introduction
(2012CNFra1_TOCintro.pdf, 2MB)

(Includes table of contents, patents, presentations and publications,
and commonly used abbreviations and their meanings.)

Index (in html)


Cover Background: CNF Project Number 657-97, pages 4-5
Green Oval: CNF Project Number 1782-09, pages 122-123
Purple Oval: CNF Project Number 1469-06, pages 246-247
Orange Oval: CNF Project Number 731-98, pages 8-9


2011-2012 CNF Research Accomplishments Reports, by Section


Construction of Synthetic Ecologies, page 2
Retinal Implant Project, page 4
A Microfluidic Device for Structural Studies of Nucleic Acids, page 6
Microfluidic Cell Culture Analog Devices to Mimic Animal Exposures to Toxins and Drugs, page 8
Microchip Devices for the Study of Single Vesicle Fusion Events, page 10
Mimicry of Biological Adhesion Through Fabrication of Fibrillar Surfaces, page 12
Silicon Nitride Cantilevers for Muscle Sarcomere Force Measurements, page 14
Microfluidic 3D Hydrodynamic Flow Focusing for the Rapid Protein Concentration Analysis, page 16
Role of Tissue Factor and Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor Complex in Cancer Cell Adhesion, page 18
Biomimetic Blood Vessel Model to Elucidate Physicochemical Mediators of Tumor Angiogenesis, page 20
Micro-Patterned Surfaces for the Study of Signaling, Trafficking, and the Lysosomal Synapse, page 22
Confined Microfluidic Environments for Studying Cell Mechanics & Cancer Invasion, page 24
Fabrication of Microfluidic Devices to Study the Fusion Kinetics of Influenza Virus to Biomimetic Membranes, page 26
Separation and Identification of Raft Associated Membrane Species Using a Patterned Supported Lipid Bilayer Extractor, page 28
Image-Based Actuation and Valving of Flows Inside Microfluidic Channels, page 30
Suspended Carbon Nanotube Devices for Single Molecule Sensing, page 32
X-Ray Lab-on-a-Chip: Sample Dialysis for Small-Angle X-Ray Solution Scattering, page 34
Therapeutic and Diagnostic Applications of Halloysite Nanotubes, page 36
A Novel Application of Micro Fluidic Structures in Clinical Diagnostics, page 38
Effect of Substratum Nanoscale Topography on Bacterial Attachment and Biofilm Formation, page 40
Revealing Responsive and Stochastic Switching in Bacteria, page 42
Models of Microvascular Networks, page 44
Confinement of Collagen Gels in Three-Dimensional Spaces, page 46
Near-Field Optical Angular Orientation for Manipulating Biological Materials, page 48
Non-Permanent Microfluidic Interconnects, page 50
Conducting Polymer Electrodes for Human Electrophysiological Recordings, page 52
Microfluidic Devices for Examining Nuclear Mechanics, page 54
Effect of Interstitial Flow on Tumor Cell Migration Using a 3D Microfluidic in vitro Model, page 56



Reactivity of Monolayer CVD Graphene Imperfections Studied Using SEM, page 58
Chemical Bonding across the Periodic Table at High and Ambient Pressures, page 60
High Temperature Micro-Reactors for Stable Isotopic Analysis, page 62
Single Molecule Catalytic Studies of Nanoscale Metal-Metal Junctions, page 64
Mid-Infrared Transparent Substrate for Alkylsiloxane Monolayers, page 66
Formaldehyde Hydration Reaction and Transition State, page 68



A Ferroelectric and Charge-Based Hybrid Nonvolatile Memory, page 70
Fabrication and Testing of Chemoreceptive Neuromorphic Neuron Transistors, page 72
Improving the GaSb/High-k Oxide Interface Using an InAs Capping Layer, page 74
Memory Effects Induced by Space Charge Polarization in a SmNiO3 Film, page 76
Wirebonding and Packaging of Various Integrated Circuits, page 78
High Breakdown Voltage AlGaN/GaN HEMTs for Power Switching Applications, page 80
Low-Frequency Ultrasensitive Magnetic Detectors, page 82
Optoelectronic Probes of Suspended CNT Transistors, page 84
Implantable Device for Prevention of Late-Phase Hemorrhagic Shock Using a Novel Non-Enzymatic Fuel Cell, page 86
Tunable Capacitive Micromechanical Ultrasonic Receiver Array, page 88
Laser Crystallized Thin Film Silicon Transistors, page 90
Organic Permeable Gate Transistor for Digital Printing Applications, page 92
Fabrication of SOI Device for Characterization of Thin Film Solar Cell Surfaces, page 94



Investigation of Acid Diffusion During Laser Spike Annealing with Systematically Designed Photoacid Generators, page 96
Room-Temperature Nanoimprint Process for Patterning Biomolecules, page 98
Development of an Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nanoparticle Photoresist for Next-Generation Lithography, page 100
Hafnium and Zirconium Oxide Nanoparticles as Novel Photoresist Materials, page 102
Nanocalorimetry Study of Metastable Au-Si Alloy, page 104
Patterning of Polymer Brushes as Membranes and Investigating the Effects, page 106
Characterization of Molybdenum Disulfide Devices, page 108
Structure and Motion of Stacking Faults in CVD-Grown Bilayer Graphene, page 110
Design and Validation of High-Efficiency Chopper for Magnetoresistive Sensors, page 112
Colloidal Self-Assembly-Directed Laser-Melt-Induced Crystalline Silicon Nanostructures, page 114
Ionic Conductivity in Thin Film Y-Zr-Oxide, page 116
Electrical Characterization of Nanocrystal Arrays, page 118
Development of a Monochromatic Phonon Source for Studying Nanoscale Phonon Heat Transport, page 120
Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Membrane for Solar Hydrogen Generation, page 122
Calculation of the Temperature Dependent Superconducting Superheating Field, page 124
Fabrication of Nanoscale Silicon Fracture Test Specimens and Calculation of Ideal Strength of Silicon, page 126
Bismuth Electrodeposition on GaAs <110>, page 128
Origin of the Strain Sensitivity of Superconducting Triniobium-Tin, page 130
Mass Production of Patterned Nanowires via Electroplate-and-Lift Lithography, page 132
Disappearance Mechanisms of Sub-100 nm Diameter Aluminum Dots on Sapphire during Annealing, page 134



Optomechanical Experiments with Ultra Thin Mechanical Membranes, page 136
Graphene Optomechanical Systems, page 138
Resonant Properties of High-Stress Silicon Nitride Membranes, page 140
Silicon Nanowire Atomic Force Microscopy Probes for High Aspect Ratio Geometries, page 142
A Single Lithography Self-Aligned Vertical NanoRelay, page 144
SQUID and XPS Analysis of Thin Nickel Films, page 146
The Nanoaquarium: A Device for in situ Electron Microscopy of Processes in Liquids, page 148
Batch Compatible Integration of Nanoscale Samples and MEMS Devices, page 150
Non-Linear Dynamics of Coupled MEMS Oscillators, page 152
MEMS-Based Piezoelectric Vibrational Energy Harvesters, page 154
Fabrication and Characterization of All-Thin-Film Multiferroic Cantilevers for Magnetic Energy Harvesting, page 156
Squeeze Film Damping in Microsystems, page 158
Spraycoat Lithography onto Silicon Carbide-Aluminum Nitride Wafers, page 160
Microscale Electrostatic Energy Harvester, page 162



Large Bandwidth Continuously Tunable Delay Using Silicon Microring Resonators, page 164
Integrated Graded-Index Luneburg Lens for Robust Fiber-to-Chip Coupling, page 166
High Quality Factor and High Confinement Silicon Resonators using an Etchless Process, page 168
Fabrication of Nanofluidic Channels on Fused Silica Wafers, page 170
Leveraging Opto-Mechanics to Design High Performance RF Oscillators, page 172
Porous Polymer Waveguides and Ring Resonators, page 174
Fabrication of Phase Grating Based Angle Sensitive Pixels by CMOS Post-Processing, page 176
Demonstration of Optical Nanocircuits at Infrared Wavelengths, page 178
Continuous Operation of a Hybrid Solid-Liquid State Reconfigurable Photonic System without Resupply of Liquids, page 180
Microfabricated X-Ray Optics for CHESS, page 182
Directed Nano Assembly of Materials Using Silicon Photonics and Plasmonics, page 184
Optical Manipulation of Nanoscale Objects and Biomolecules with Photonic Crystal Nanotweezers, page 186
Highly Sensitive Spectroscopic Interferometers Using Photonic Crystal Structures, page 188
Gel Optical Waveguides with Live Encapsulation & Integrated Microfluidics, page 190
Fabrication of 3D Simple Cubic Silicon Woodpile Photonic Crystal Structures, page 192
Waveguide Investigation for Single Molecule Detection, page 194
A High-Frequency Silicon Optomechanical Oscillator, page 196



Effects of Interfacial Electronic Structure on In-Plane Spin-Transfer Torque in MgO Magnetic Tunneling Junctions, page 198
A Three-Terminal Spin Transfer Torque Device Utilizing the Giant Spin Hall Effect of Tantalum, page 200
Spin-Torque Effect in Asymmetric FeCoB/MgO/FeB Magnetic Tunnel Junctions, page 202
Photocurrent Measurements of Supercollision Cooling in Graphene P-N Junction Devices, page 204
Manipulating Surface States in Topological Insulators, page 206
Spin Injection into Graphene by the Spin Hall Effect, page 208
Probing Spin Transfer Torque in Magnetic Nanoparticles, page 210
X-Ray Imaging of Magnetic Normal Modes Driven by Spin Transfer Torque in Magnetic Nanopillar Devices, page 212
Graphene in the Third Dimension, page 214
Vortex Dynamics in Nanofabricated Superconducting Devices, page 216
Melting Dynamics of Colloidal Crystals on Patterned Surfaces, page 218
Electrical Transport Across Individual Grain Boundaries in Polycrystalline Graphene, page 220
Quantum-Limited Measurement and Entanglement in Superconducting Circuits, page 222
Investigation of Charge Transport in Quantum Dot Solids, page 224
Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy in Ultrathin Co|Ni Multilayer Films Studied with Ferromagnetic Resonance and Magnetic XRM, page 226
Fabrication of Nanoscale Josephson Junctions for Quantum Coherent Superconducting Circuits, page 228
Superfluid Quantum Interference in Multiple-Turn Reciprocal Geometry, page 230
Electronic Structure Calculations for Cr1-xAlx, page 232
Development of Superconductor Circuits for Readout of Quantum Nanomechanical Resonators, page 234
Fabrication of Superconducting Devices for Quantum Information Science, page 236
Photonic Crystal Nanocavities for Solid State Quantum Optics, page 238
First-Principles Study of the Surface Chemistry of Metal-Oxide Nanostructures, page 240
Electron Beam Lithography of Superconducting Qubits and Meander Wires, page 242



Determining Charge Mobility by Electric Force Microcopy Using a Transistor with Interdigitated Gate Electrodes, page 244
Novel Fabrication Process of Silicon Nano-Field Effect Transistor for Detection Analysis, page 246


INDEXES (html)


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