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The 2008-2009 Cornell NanoScale
Science & Technology Facility
Research Accomplishments

(a 320 page, 8MB file)

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The devices appearing in the cover photo, opposite, are mechanically resonant cantilevers designed for use in quantum opto-mechanics experiments. Comprising an ulta-high-reflectivity dielectric Bragg mirror mounted on a silicon nitride cantilever, they appear in the report for CNF Project 1723-08, page 178, below.

If you would prefer a paper copy of this publication,
please contact Ms. Melanie-Claire Mallison at mallison at cnf.cornell.edu
and be sure to include your complete street address.

Unless otherwise noted, each link below is to a PDF file of the report(s). The files are between 268K and 3.5MB.
If you find a broken link, please contact Ms. Melanie-Claire Mallison at mallison at cnf.cornell.edu.

Table of Contents, Introduction, and CNF-Related PPPs; pages i-xx

Biological Applications, pages 2-81

Nanofabricated Poly(hydroxy Styrene) Membranes for Construction of an In Vitro Model of the Blood-Brain Barrier; page 2
Construction of Synthetic Gel Metrics; page 4
Directed Evolution of Oil-Producing Algae; page 6
Measurement of Effect of Infrared Radiation on Muscle Performance using Nanofabricated Cantilevers; page 8
Marked Glass Surfaces for Identifying and Studying Individual Particles; page 10
Direct Patterning of Polymer Brushes by E-Beam Lithography; page 12
Retinal Implant Project; page 14
Microfabricated Mixers for Experiments with Proteins; page 16
Microfluidic Cell Culture Analog Devices to Mimic Animal Exposures to Toxins and Drugs; page 18
Single Molecule Studies of Cellulose-Binding Enzymes; page 20
Multiplex In Vitro Selection of Aptamers using Nano-porous Sol-Gel Arrays with Integrated Microheaters; page 22
Parylene Peel-Off Arrays to Study Tumor Cell-Cell Interactions; page 24
Photonic Crystal Devices for Bio-Detection in Multi-Channel Configuration; page 26
Illuminating the Exocytotic Mechanism using Electrochemical Detectors and Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy; page 28
Microfabricated Device for Biological Process; page 30
Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Focusing with a Two-Layer Microfluidic Device: Controlling the Vertical Position of the Focused Stream; page 32
A Silicon Directional Microphone with Second-Order Directivity Inspired by the Ears of the Parasitoi Fly, Ormia Ochracea; page 34
Ultrasonic Microprobe Based In Vitro Measurement of Cardiac Action Potentials and Direct-Mechanical Stimulation of Canine Left-Ventricular Tissue; page 36
Ultrasonic Microprobes with Piezoresistive Strain Gauges for Testicular Tubule Assay; page 38
Insect Pupal Inserted Microprobe Gas Sensor; page 40
A Novel Microprobe for Objective and Simplified Monitoring of Free Tissue Transfer; page 42
Mimicry of Biological Adhesion through Fabrication of Fibrillar Surfaces; page 44
Locally-Gated Suspended Nanowire FETs for Bio-Molecular Sensing; page 46
Dielectrophoretic Particle Characterization and Manipulation; page 48
On-Chip Electrophoretic Concentration of Liposomes for Antibody-Based Viral Biosensors; page 50
Hydrodynamic Focusing Device for Single Molecule Detection; page 52
Nanofluidic Biosensor for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy; page 54
Fabrication of Scaffolds for 3D Culture of Human Endothelial Cells; page 56
Nanowire Electronic Sensing Device for Biosensing Application; page 58
Highly Multiplexed Antibody-Antigen Detection using Nanoscale Optofluidic Resonators; page 60
Stretching Chromatin in Nanochannels; page 62
Implantable Multi-Reservoir Microfluidic Device for Insect Cyborg Flight Controls; page 64
Three Dimensional Microscale Niches for Studies of Tumor Angiogenesis; page 66
Nanofluidic Structures with Complex Three Dimensional Surfaces; page 68
Device Fabrication for the Observation of Axonal Growth and Axonal Organelle Transport of Rat Hippocampal Neurons; page 70
Nanofountain Probes for the Delivery of Molecular Inks; page 72
Microfluidic Channel Sample Holder for Electron Spin Resonance Microscopy; page 74
Development of a Micro-Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC); page 76
Effects of Antibiotics on an Anaerobic Syntrophic Consortium in a Micro-Bioreactor; page 78
Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Biosensor; page 80

Chemistry, pages 82-93

Reforming of JP-8 in Microplasmas for Compact SOFC Power; page 82
Fabrication of Inorganic-Organic Interfaces; page 84
Structure and Bonding in Molecules and Extended Structures; page 86
High Temperature Flow-Through Chemical Micro-Reactors; page 88
Screening Multidentate Ligands for Control of Anisotropic Etching; page 90
Parylene Lift-Off Technique Coupled with Patterned Metal Electrodes; page 92

Electronics, pages 94-111

AlGaN/GaN-on-Diamond HEMT Recent Progress; page 94
GaN HFETs on Sapphire Substrates with a High Breakdown Voltage and Low Specific On-Resistance; page 96
Ni-Based SAS Process on Source and Drain for High Performance of Polysilicon TFT Low-Voltage Flash Memory Cell; page 98
Study of Porosity in the Charge Trap Layer of Flash Memory; page 100
Plasma Wave Terahertz Electronic Devices; page 102
Electro-Optical Probing of Biological Systems using Carbon Nanotubes; page 104
Laser-Annealed Zinc Oxide Thin-Film Transistors Fabricated on Flexible Substrates; page 106
Phase-Change Oscillations in Silicon Microwires; page 108
A Radio Frequency Device for Measurement of Minute Dielectric Property Changes in Microfluidic Channels; page 110

Materials, pages 112-137

Next Generation Photoresists using Block Copolymer Self-Assembly; page 112
Small Molecule and Hybrid Photoresists for High Resolution Lithography; page 114
Orthogonal Processing: A Novel Photolithographic Patterning Method for Organic Electronics; page 116
Environmentally Benign Development of Photoresists in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide; page 118
Thin Film Nucleation and Growth using Energetic Neutral Species; page 120
Shape-Selectivity in the Aggregation of Lithographically-Designed Colloidal Particles; page 122
Germanium Nanowire Arrays from Biotemplated Gold Nanoparticle Catalysts; page 124
Crystalline Monolayers from Convectively Self-Assembled Non-Spherical Colloids; page 126
Liquid Silicon Resistivity Measurements at Sub-Micrometer Scale; page 128
Silicon Micropost Array Fabrication for Atom Probe Tomographic Analysis of Semiconductor Nanowires; page 130
Superoleophobic Surface Design; page 132
Surface Modification of Polymer Fabrics with Ionic Nanoparticles; page 134
Monochromatic Phonon Source; page 136

Mechanical Devices, pages 138-179

High-Q, In-Plane Modes of Nanomechanical Resonators Operated in Air; page 138
Resonant Mass Sensors Containing Nanofluidics; page 140
Actuation and Limits of Self-Aligned Electromechanical Switches; page 142
Ultrasensitive Nickel and Cobalt Magnet-Tipped Cantilevers for MRFM; page 144
Radio-Frequency Cantilevers for Scanning Probe Microscopy; page 146
Fabrication of Ultra-Sensitive Cantilevers for Measuring Non-Contact Friction: Fabrication of "Interdigitated" Field Effect Transistors; page 148
SoWhats Wrong with My Process?; page 150
Fabrication of Electrically-Contacted Graphene-Sealed Microchambers; page 152
Off-Chip Angular Position Control of MEMs Mirrors; page 154
Deep Sub-Pull-In Voltage Lateral NEMS Switch; page 156
Prototype Cantilevers for AFM Calibration and Nanomechanical Property Measurement; page 158
Epitaxial Silicon Microshell Vacuum-Encapsulated CMOS-Compatible 200 MHz Bulk-Mode Resonator; page 160
Dynamically Tunable Affinities for Fluidic Assembly; page 162
The Fabrication and Characterization of Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers using a Novel Wafer Bonding Process; page 164
Piezoresistive Transduction of MEMS Resonators; page 166
Pressure Dependent Resonant Frequency of Micromechanical Drumhead Resonators; page 168
Unique Identification using Microelectromechanical Systems; page 170
Design of a Micro Tension Test Device; page 172
Non-Linear Dynamics of Coupled MEMs Oscillators; page 174
Optical Readout Photomechanical Imager; page 176
Micromechanical Resonators with High-Reflectivity Mirrors for Experiments in Quantum Opto-Mechanics; page 178

Optics & Opto-Electronics, pages 180-239

High Voltage Polymer Solar Cell Patterned with Photolithography; page 180
Lateral Electrical Injection Si/SiO2 Horizontal Multislot Waveguides; page 182
Optoelectronics in Carbon Nanotube Photodiodes and Graphene Hetero-Interface Devices; page 184
Low Loss Etchless Silicon Photonic Waveguides; page 186
Integrated Silicon WDM Demultiplexer with Ultra-Low Capacitance and High Speed Germanium Photodetectors; page 188
Optical Cloaking; page 190
Silicon Nitride for Integrated Photonics; page 192
Broad Band 1 nm Channel Spacing Silicon-on-Insulator Wavelength Division Multiplexer; page 194
Broadband Hitless Silicon Electro-Optic Switch for Optical Networks On-Chip; page 196
Integrated Analysis of Polystyrene Microspheres; page 198
Deposited Silicon High-Speed Electro-Optic Modulator; page 200
Optical Silicon Routing Devices for Active Optical Networks-on-Chip (AONoC); page 202
Broad-Bandwidth Optical Frequency Conversion of Over 100 Terahertz in Silicon Waveguides; page 204
Controlling Photonic Structures using Optical Forces; page 206
Fabrication of Multicomponent Terbium Borate Magneto-Optical Waveguides; page 208
Microfabricated Diffractive Optical Ruler f or Tip Based Nanofabrication and Metrology; page 210
Subwavelength Apertures with Dielectric Filling; page 212
Optofluidic Data Storage; page 214
Optofluidic Transport on SU-8 Ring Resonators at Telecom Frequencies; page 216
Focal Volume Confinement of Fluorescent Particles in Nanometer-sized Channels; page 218
Nanoporous Polymer Ring Resonators; page 220
Optical Fabrication for the Development of Medical Multiphoton Microscopic Endoscopy; page 222
Strong Field Concentration at the Subwavelength Scale by a Metallic Hole-Array Structure; page 224
Three-Dimensional Metallic Photonic Crystal; page 226
Integrated Nonlinear Photonics; page 228
Integration of Photonic and Silver Nanowire Plasmonic Waveguides; page 230
Nanoscale Geometry for High Performance Microbolometers for Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays; page 232
Fabrication of SOI Waveguide Based Photonic Devices; page 234
Modulation Microscopy with a Microfabricated Mirror Mask; page 236
Ultrathin Wire-Grid Polarizers Made by Electron Beam Lithography; page 238

Physics & Nanostructure Physics, pages 240-281

Ultrafast Switching of a Nanomagnet by a Combined Out-of-Plane and In-Plane Polarized Spin-Current Pulse; page 240
Reduction of the Spin-Torque Critical Current by Partially Canceling the Free Layer Demagnetization Field; page 242
X-Ray Imaging of Magnetic Vortex Dynamics Driven by DC Spin-Polarized Current; page 244
High TMR and Low RA in Mg-B-O and Ni-Fe-B Nanopillar Fabrication for Spin-Torque Switching; page 246
Coupling of Confined Superfluid Helium; page 248
X-Ray Imaging of Magnetic Normal Modes Driven by Spin Transfer Torque in Magnetic Nanopillar Devices; page 250
Ferromagnetic Electrodes for Studies of Spin-Dependent Transport in Quantum Dots and Single Molecules; page 252
Single Electron Transistors Fabricated with Individual Chemically Synthesized Metal Nanoparticles; page 254
Optical Effects on Electronic Transport through Semiconductor Nanoscrystals and Single Molecules; page 256
Spin-Torque Effects on the Exchange Bias of Ferromagnet/Antiferromagnet Bilayers; page 258
Bias and Angular Dependence of Spin-Transfer Torque in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions; page 260
Epitaxial Graphene on Silicon Carbide: Electronic and Mechanical Devices; page 262
Probing Vortex Dynamics in Superconductors with Nanoscale Weak-Pinning Channels; page 264
Superconducting Microwave Resonators for Probing Dissipation from Vortices; page 266
Melting and Freezing of Colloidal Crystals on Patterned Surfaces; page 268
Approaching the Quantum Ground State of a Nanomechanical Device; page 270
Superfluid Helium-4 Weak Link Experiments with Nanoscale Aperture Arrays; page 272
Persistent Currents in Normal Metal Rings Detected using Cantilever Torque Magnetometry; page 274
Patterning and Etching Superconducting Thin Films for Research and Advanced Laboratory Courses; page 276
Fabrication of Nanoscale Josephson Junctions for Quantum Coherent Superconducting Circuits; page 278
Confined Plasmons in Nanofabricated Silver Particles at Various Size and Inter-Particle Separation; page 280

Process & Characterization, pages 282-293

Influence of Device Geometry on Sensor Characteristics of Planar Organic Electrochemical Transistors; page 282
Orthogonal Lithography for Organic Electronics; page 284
Gold Catalyzed Germanium Nanowires on Titanium; page 286
Organizational Characteristics of a Block Copolymer Film; page 288
Wafer Bonding for Fabrication of Nanochannels; page 290
Well-Aligned Carbon Nanotubes Grown on Quartz and Their Transfer to Other Substrates; page 292

Index (in html), pages 295-298


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