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The 2006-2007 CNF Research Accomplishments are available in pdf format following the links below. File sizes are between 228K and 7.7MB. If you would like a hard copy of the 2006-2007 Research Accomplishments, please contact Ms. Melanie-Claire Mallison.

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2006-2007 CNF Research Accomplishments
A 360-page, 7.7 MB PDF file, 2007cnfra.pdf

Cover Photos, from left to right, top to bottom:
CNF Project # 111-80 Li/Buhrman/Ralph, page 334
CNF Project # 807-99 McKee/Thomas/Drost, page 26
CNF Project # 848-00 Kisler/Kim/Lindau, page 30
CNF Project # 863-00 Hickman/Harrell/Marohn, page 184
CNF Project # 980-01 Chen/Lipson, page 250
CNF Project # 1097-03 Kuo/Peles, page 194
CNF Project # 1122-03 Ramkumar/Lal, page 46
CNF Project # 1201-04 Grantab/Guduru, page 200
CNF Project # 1260-04 Arunasalam/Ackler, page 204
CNF Project # 1476-06 Neeves/Diamond, page 80
CNF Project # 1507-06 Zhang/Chase/Moschak, page 228
CNF Project # 1549-07 Perea/Lauhon, page 170

Introduction, pages vii-x

Selection of CNF-Related PPPs, pages xi-xxx

Biological Applications, pages 2-85

Nanoscale Biological Physics, page 2
DNA in Nanofluidic Channels, page 4
Electrospun Deoxyribonucleic Acid Fibers, page 6
Zero-Mode-Waveguides Used in Cell and Surface Interactions, page 8
Patterned Biofunctional Polymer Brushes to Guide Neuron Growth, page 10
Retinal Implant Project, page 12
Microfabricated Mixers for Experiments with Proteins, page 14
Microfluidic Cell Culture Analog Devices to Mimic Animal Exposures to Toxins and Drugs, page 16
Submicrometer Fluidic Channels for Studying Cancer Gene Expression, page 18
Nanofluidic Channels for Biological Manipulation and Analysis, page 20
Affinity Separation in Hybrid Polymeric Microfluidic Devices Coupled with Mass Spectrometry, page 22
Controlling Microarray Spot Morphology Using Polymer Liftoff Arrays, page 24
Micromachined Flow Probe, page 26
Post-CMOS Fabrication of an Electrochemical Biosensor, page 28
Transparent Electrochemical Detectors to Study Exocytosis, page 30
Simple Platform for BeadChipô Bio-Assay, page 32
A Microfabricated PCR-Based Biosensor, page 34
A Magnetic Bead-Based Microfluidic Mixer as a Sample Preparation Module for Portable PCR-Based Biosensing, page 36
Bacterial Colonization and Communication in a Microfabricated Fluidic Channel, page 38
Microscale Analysis of Cerebrospinal Fluid Proteins, page 40
Patterned Surfaces to Investigate Spatially Regulated Mechanisms in Immune Cell Signaling, page 42
MEMS-Based Muscle Interfaces for Insect Cyborg Control, page 44
Ultrasonic Microprobes with Integrated Sensors for Biomedical Applications, page 46
Implantable Flexible Microfluidic Devices for Convection Enhanced Neural Drug Delivery, page 48
A Hydrogel-Based Microfluidic Device for the Studies of Directed Cell Migration, page 50
Mimicry of Biological Adhesion Through Fabrication of Fibrillar Surfaces, page 52
Microfabricated Tools for Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography, page 54
Fabrication of Inorganic-Organic Interfaces, page 56
Fabrication of Polymer Microfluidic Devices for Particle Separation via Insulative Dielectrophoresis, page 58
A Novel Method for Accurate Patterning and Positioning of Biological Cells, page 60
A Multi-Electrode Array System for Patterned Neuronal Network, page 62
Cellular Responses to Micro- and Nanofabricated Surfaces, page 64
Planer Patch-Clamp Arrays: Neuronal-Electronic Interfaces for Examining Network Development in Neuronal Ensembles, page 66
Surface Plasmon Resonance Immunosensor for Quantification and Interaction Study of Outer Membrane Vesicles from E. Coli, page 68
Microfluidic High Speed Thermal Stimulator, page 70
Microchamber Studies of Cell Assisted Cell Growth in Microbial Colonies, page 72
Fabrication of Branched, Multiple-Diameter Networks of Semicylindrical Channels in Silicon that can be used for Three-Dimensional Culture of Human Endothelial Cells, page 74
Nano-Field Effect Transistor Device for Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Bio-Molecules, page 76
Nanoscale Optofluidic Devices for Biomolecular Analysis, page 78
Microfluidic Networks for Studying Thrombosis, page 80
An Experimental Technique to Characterize Nano/Microscale Particles and Biomolecules, page 82
Proteomic Technologies for the Analysis of the Disease Modifying Effects of IVIG Immuno Therapy, page 84


Chemistry, pages 86-105

Phenolic Based Molecular Glass Resists for Next Generation Lithography, page 86
New Photoresist Platforms Develop-able in scCO2, page 88
Architectural Studies in High Resolution, Versatile Resists, page 90
Patterning Organic Materials with scCO2 Soluble Photoresist, page 92
Dielectric Fluctuations and the Origins of Noncontact Friction, page 94
Microfluidic Mixing, page 96
Nanostructure-Tailored Chemiresistor Sensor Arrays, page 98
Microfluidic Device for Combinatorial Chemistry, page 100
Electroactive Nanowells for Concentration, Electrochemical Sensing and Spectrographic Microfluidic Memory, page 102
Fabrication of Nanofluidic Filter Device for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, page 104


Electronics, pages 106-133

Gallium Nitride Ballistic Electron Acceleration Negative-Differential-Conductivity Diodes for Terahertz Applications, page 106
C-Doped Semi-Insulating GaN HFETs on Sapphire Substrates with a High Breakdown Voltage and Low Specific On-Resistance, page 108
AlGaN/GaN High-Electron-Mobility Transistors on Different Substrates, page 110
Flat Panel Displays, page 112
Tera-Bit Metal Nanocrystal Nonvolatile Memories and Interfaces, page 114
Electrochemical Detection of Protein Interactions by Integrated Neuromorphic CMOS Sensors, page 116
Interdigitated Electrodes for Organic Solar Cells, page 118
Growth Study of Pentacene Thin Films and Transistor Fabrication, page 120
Direct Measurement of the Electric Field Distribution in a Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cell, page 122
Plasma Wave Terahertz Electronic Devices, page 124
Fabrication of Sub-22 nm Bistable Devices, page 126
Fabrication of Si Set Transistors for Electrical Metrology and Ultra-Sensitive Electrometry, page 128
Ballistic Transport Investigation and the Ballistic Deflection Transistor, page 130
Fabrication of SOI-Based Nanowire Sensors, page 132


Materials, pages 134-171

Morphological Evidence for Surface Pre-Melting on Silicon (111), page 134
Development of Molecular Glass Photoresists for Next Generation Lithography, page 136
High Resolution, Versatile Block Copolymer Resists, page 138
Thin Film Nucleation and Growth using Energetic Neutral Species, page 140
Low Heat Capacity Substrates for Calorimetry Measurements, page 142
Novel Sensors, for Chemical and Biological Agents, Based on Electrochemical Detection Using Conducting Polymers, page 144
Nanoporous Gold Thin Films, page 146
Shape-Selectivity in the Aggregation of Lithographically-Designed Colloidal Particles, page 148
Compact Hydrogen Generation through JP-8 Fuel Processing Using Microplasmas, page 150
Carbon Fiber Integrated MEMS for Optical Scanning, page 152
Freestanding Alumina Membrane by Double-Layer Anodization, page 154
Silicon Nanostructures from Block Copolymer Derived Thin Films, page 156
Examining and Influencing Order in the Flow of Worm-Like Micelles Through Porous Media, page 158
Crystalline Monolayers from Convectively Self-Assembled Non-Spherical Colloids, page 160
Directed Linking of Carbon Nanotubes with Single CdSe Quantum Dots, page 162
Graphene as an Atomic Membrane Interface, page 164
Design of a Selective Gas Sensing Device Using Platinum Electrode Interdigitated Substrates, page 166
Thin Film Bulge Test of Nano-crystalline Metals, page 168
Fabrication of Micropost Arrays for use as a Substrate for the Epitaxial Growth of Semiconductor Nanowires, page 170


Mechanical Devices, pages 172-237

Understanding Dissipation in Nanostring Resonant Sensors, page 172
Resonant Micro- and Nanomechanical Biosensors, page 174
Vibrational Manipulation of Microspeheres Using Optically Excited In-Plane Motion of NEMS Oscillators, page 176
Dynamic Characterization of Nanomechanical Oscillators, page 178
Mechanics of Nanometer-Thick Suspended Carbon Materials, page 180
An Electronic Nonvolatile Memory Device Based On Electrostatic Deflection of a Bistable Mechanical Beam, page 182
Ultrasensitive, Magnet-Tipped Cantilevers for Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy, page 184
Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy Cantilever Detection by Quantum Tunneling, page 186
AFM Tip Processing on Hinged Cantilevers, page 188
Functionalized Micromechanical Resonators with High Quality Factors, page 190
Electromechanical Resonators from Graphene Sheets, page 192
Temperature Measurement of Boiling Flow in Microchannels with Reentrant Cavities, page 194
Directional Microphone Array Fabrication, page 196
Fabrication of Thin-Walled and High-Aspect-Ratio Nanofluidic Channels, page 198
Fabrication of Gecko-Inspired Spatula Tips, page 200
High Sensitivity Uncooled Microcantilever Infrared Imaging Arrays, page 202
Ultra-High Density MEMS-Based Interconnect for Wafer-Level Ultra-Thin Die Stacking Technology, page 204
MEMS Fabricated Vapor Cells, page 206
Prototype Cantilevers for AFM Lateral Force Measurement, page 208
Nanofountain Probes for the Delivery of Molecular Inks, page 210
Air-Coupled Acoustic Method for Testing and Evaluating Micro-Scale Structures, page 212
Design and Fabrication of Silicon-Pyrex Micromixers for Enhanced Mixing, page 214
Aqueous Transduction of Poly-SiGe Disk Resonators, page 216
Mechanical Coupling of 2D Resonator Arrays for MEMS Filter Applications, page 218
Directed Fluidic Assembly of Microscale Tiles, page 220
Development of Nano Electromechanical Devices for Quantum Behavior Studies, page 222
Feasibility Study on the Microfabrication of MEMS Intergrated Antenna, page 224
Fabrication of Ultra-Sharp Diamond AFM Probes, page 226
Microfabrication of Flexible Sensing Arrays: Active Nanoparticle Thin Films and Interdigitated Microelectrodes on Plastic, page 228
Microfluidic Devices for Insect MEMS, page 230
Capacitive Drive and Detection of MEMS Resonant Motion: Electrical Integration of MEMS, page 232
Arrays of MEMS Intertial Sensors with Optical Readout, page 234
Fabrication of Nanomechanical Resonators Using a Sequential Exposure of Opposite Tone Electron Beam Resists, page 236


Optics and Opto-Electronics, pages 238-283

Electrospun Light-Emitting Nanofibers, page 238
Optically Decoupled Dual-Cavity VCSEL-Modulator: Materials, Components and Integration Technologies for Optical Interconnects, page 240
Preparation of Silicon-Based Photonic Materials, page 242
Zero-Mode Waveguides for Single Molecule Studies, page 244
Etched Facet Technology for Blue-Violet Lasers, page 246
Optical Disk Resonators for Capture and Detection of Biothreat Agents, page 248
Compact Bandwidth Tunable Micro-Ring Resonators, page 250
All-Optical Compact Silicon Comb Switch, page 252
Polysilicon-on-Insulator Photonic Devices, page 254
Sub-100-nm Light Confinement in Transparent Photonic Wires, page 256
Ultra-Low Power Frequency Conversion in Silicon Micro-Ring Resonators, page 258
Silicon Nanophotonics, page 260
Fabrication of Nanochannels in Glass, page 262
High Power Monolithic Passively Modelocked Semiconductor Laser at 1550 nm Wavelength, page 264
Visible Three-Dimensional Metallic Photonic Crystal, page 266
Integrated Terahertz Waveguides and Microcavity Resonators, page 268
An Ultra Compact Optical Mode Order Converter, page 270
Surface Plasmon Enhanced Silicon-on-Insulator Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Photodetectors, page 272
Focal Volume Confinement of Fluorescent Particles in Nanometer-Sized Channels, page 274
Feasibility Study for Making Phase Plates by Electron-Beam Lithography for Extension of the Depth of Field for Optical Microscopy, page 276
X-Ray Transmission Mirrors, page 278
2D Sub-Wavelength Metallic Hole-Array, page 280
Optofluidic Propulsion Using Nanophotonic Structures, page 282


Physics & Nanostructure Physics, pages 284-333

HSQ-Based Fabrication of Magnetic Nanopillars, page 284
Magnetic Vortex Dynamics Driven by DC Spin-Polarized Current, page 286
Torsional Oscillator for the Study of the Two Dimensional Superfluid 3He, page 288
Weak Coupling of Superfluid Helium Confined to Zero Dimensions, page 290
Spin-Torque Excitations in Magnetic Nanopillars with an Exchange-Biased Fixed Layer, page 292
Signatures of Spin Transitions in an Endofullerene-Based Single-Molecule Transistor, page 294
Polarizability of Quantum-Dot States within a Suspended Carbon Nanotube, page 296
Tuning the Kondo Effect with a Mechanically Controllable Break Junction, page 298
Temperature Dependence of Anisotropic Magnetoresistance and Atomic Motion in Ferromagnetic Break Junctions, page 300
Linewidths of Spin-Torque-Driven Nanomagnetic Oscillators as a Function of Field Angle, page 302
Direct Patterning of Polymer Brushes by E-Beam Lithography, page 304
Infrared Systems Progress at CNF; Tunable and Static Infrared Frequency Selective Surfaces, page 306
Graphene Nanoribbons from Carbon Nanotubes, page 308
Optoelectronics and Terahertz Electronic Transport in Individual Carbon Nanotube Devices, page 310
Fabrication of Tungsten Step-Wedge Filters for Use in X-Ray Plasma Diagnostics, page 312
Lack of Superconductivity in Individual End-Bonded Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes, page 314
Fabrication of Nanoscale Josephson Junctions for Quantum Coherent Superconducting Circuits, page 316
Probing Vortex Dynamics in Supercondutors with Nanoscale Weak-Pinning Channels, page 318
Shearing Confined Colloidal Suspensions Using Microfabricated Templates, page 320
Josephson Junction Quantum Computing, page 322
Porous Thin Films for Supersolid Hydrodynamic Devices, page 324
A Tunable DNA Spring in a Nanochannel, page 326
Fabricating Nanoscale Aperture Arrays as Superfluid 4He Weak Links, page 328
Superconducting Resonator Circuits, page 330
Fabrication of Cantilevers with Integrated Mesoscopic Samples, page 332


Process & Characterization, pages 334-341

Robust Shadow-Mask Evaporation Through Lithographically Defined Undercut in PMMA/PMGI Resist Bilayer, page 334
Ultrasound Enhanced Electrostatic Batch Assembly of Microstructures, page 336
Fabrication and Surface Chemical Modification of Support Structures for Synthesis of Self-Assembled Bioinspired Nanoarchitectures, page 338
PDMS Microchambers for Single-Nanoparticle Catalytic Studies, page 340


Index (in html), pages 343-346


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