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The 2004-2005 CNF Research Accomplishments are available in PDF format at the links below. File sizes are between 280K and 6MB. If you would like a hard copy of the research accomplishments, please email Ms. Melanie-Claire Mallison at: Mallison@cnf.cornell.edu 

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Cover photograph by Christopher Hallman, courtesy of University Photography

The 2004-2005 CNF Research Accomplishments
A 296-page, 6MB PDF file,
Table of Contents, Introduction, & CNF-Related Patents, Presentations & Publications 
A 16-page, 1MB PDF file,
2004-2005 CNF Research Accomplishments Index, HTML


The 2004-2005 CNF Research Accomplishments


Biological Applications, pages 2-63    (top) 
Separation and Analysis of Cell Contents, page 2
A Direct Measurement of the Trapping Time of DNA at an Entropic Barrier,
page 4
Single Molecule Spectroscopy in Submicrometer Fluidic Channels,
page 6
Retinal Implant Project, page 8
Fabricated X-Ray Compatible Windows for Time Resolved Scattering Studies of RNA Folding ,
page 10
Microfluidic Cell Culture Analog Devices to Mimic Animal Exposures to Toxins and Drugs,
page 12
Enumeration of Single DNA Molecules Bound to a Nanomechanical Oscillator,
page 14
Virus Detection Using Nanoelectromechanical Devices, page 16
Ultrasonic Nonspecific Binding Removal from Protein Microarrays, page 18
Micrometer-Sized Supported Lipid Bilayer Arrays for Bacterial Toxin Binding Studies,
page 20
Cellular Responses to Micro- and Nanofabricated Surfaces,
page 22
Metal Enhanced Fluorescence Arrays for High Throughput Analysis of Protein Interactions,
page 24
Microfabricated Devices to Study Single Vesicle Release,
page 26
Integrated On-Chip Bioanalytical Processor,
page 28
A Microfabricated PCR-Based Biosensor,
page 30
Microfabricated Devices for Sparse Cell Isolation,
page 32
Zero-Mode Waveguide for Single Molecule Applications,
page 34
Microfluidic Cell Volume Biosensor for High Throughput Drug Screening,
page 36
Bacterial Colonization & Communication in a Microfabricated Fluidic Channel,
page 38
Equilibrium Dialysis Systems for Selective Molecular Filtration,
page 40
Multidimensional Microscale Separations of Cerebrospinal Fluid Proteins,
page 42
Membrane Compartmentalization Visualized by Micron-Scale Localized Antigen,
page 44
Biosensor Fabrication using Patterned Surfaces,
page 46
Hierarchical Micro- and Nano-Scale Devices for Neural Electrophysiological Applications,
page 48
Microfluidic Materials,
page 50
Electrophysiology in Invertebrates with Polyimide Multi-Electrode Arrays,
page 52
Microfluidic Probes for Drug Delivery to Neural Tissues,
page 54
Development of Model Neural Prostheses with Integrated Microfluidics for Drug Delivery,
page 56
Microelectrodes for Achieving Accelerated Virus Capture from Media of Physiological Ionic Strength,
page 58
Fabrication?& Surface Chemical Modification of Support Structures for Synthesis of Self-Assembled Bioinspired Nanoarchitectures,
page 60
Molecular Separation On Chip, page 62 

Chemistry, pages 64-83     (top)
Molecular Glass Resists for High Resolution Lithographic Patterning, page 64
Combination of Top-Down Lithography and Bottom-Up Self Assembly for Nanopatterned Surfaces with Block Copolymers,
page 66
Molecular Photoresist Systems Developable in Supercritical CO2,
page 68
Silicone Based Resists for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography,
page 70
Surface Initiated Radical Polymerization on Patterned Surfaces: Convergence of Bottom-Up and Top-Down Lithography,
page 72
Micromachined Test Patterns for Rapid Screening of Etchants,
page 74
A Monolithic Microfabricated ElectroSpray Ionization Chip and Robotic Interface,
page 76
Micromachined Test Patterns for Rapid Screening of Etchants,
page 78
Fabrication of Inorganic-Organic Interfaces,
page 80
Etching Single Crystal SrTiO3 Substrates,
page 82 

Electronics, pages 84-131     (top)
GaN Ballistic Electron Acceleration Negative-Differential-Conductivity Diodes for THz Applications, page 84
Fabrication of Poly-Si TFT on Flexible Thin Glass Substrates,
page 86
Technology for Self-Assembled Entities in Logic and Memory Units below the Lithography Limit,
page 88
Microfluidic and Sensor Integration on CMOS,
page 90
High Frequency Characterizations of Nonlinear Transmission Lines as Global Interconnects on CMOS SOI Substrate,
page 92
RF Inductor with Patterned Permalloy Grids,
page 94
Electrospun Poly (3-hexylthiophene) Nanofiber Field-Effect Transistor,
page 96
Nanoscale Organic Thin Film Transistors,
page 98
Side-Gated Bulk Silicon Tri-Gate Field Effect Transistors Integrable with MEMS Processing,
page 100
Fabrication of Ultra-Short SONOS Memory,
page 102
Three-Dimensional IC Integration Technology (3D ICs): Demonstration of Four Stacked Device Layers,
page 104
Mobility in Back-Gate/Double-Gate Transistors with Thin Silicon Channels,
page 106
A Novel Scalable Dual-Polarity-Injection Memory,
page 108
Super-Self-Aligned Back-Gate/Double-Gate Planar Transistors with Thick Source/Drain and Thin Silicon Channels,
page 110
Nano-Scale Silicon Non-Volatile Memory,
page 112
Single Carbon Nanotube-Based FETs,
page 114
Bump Bonding Tests for Pixel Array Detectors,
page 116
Silicon Power Devices,
page 118
Microscopic View of Charge Injection, Transport and Trapping in Organic Semiconductors,
page 120
Alkali Metal-Wax Micropackets for Chip-Scale Atomic Clocks,
page 122
GaAs-Based Device Development,
page 124
Electrostatically-Gated Nano MOSFETs as Coulomb Blockade Devices,
page 126
Self-Powered Photon Source for Integrated Systems,
page 128
Nanocrystal Charge Storage-Based Carbon Nanotube Memory,
page 130 

Materials, pages 132-151     (top)
Spontaneous Formation and Breakdown of Ridges on Si(111) Mesas: Their Role in the Formation of Widely Spaced Step Arrays, page 132
Leakage Current through Thin Silicon Oxide Grown on Atomically Flat Silicon Surfaces,
page 134
Thin Film Nucleation and Growth using Energetic Neutral Species,
page 136
Low Heat Capacity Substrates for Calorimetry Measurements,
page 138
Investigation of the Effect of Biaxial Strain on the Diffusivity of B in Si,
page 140
Effects of Surface Properties on the Fracture Strength of Materials at Nanoscale, page 142
Ordering on Corrugated Glass Surfaces,
page 144
Self-Assembly of Non-Spherical Colloids,
page 146
Mimicry of Biological Adhesion Through Fabrication of Fibrillar Surfaces,
page 148
Electronic Charge Trap States Dynamics and Effect on Imprint Behavior in P(VDF-TrFE) Ferroelectric Thin Films,
page 150 

Mechanical Devices, pages 152-203     (top)
Mechanical Properties of Electrospun Nanofibers, page 152
Optical Excitation of Nanoelectromechanical Oscillators,
page 154
RF Signal Processing with MEMS Resonators,
page 156
Glass Nanofiber and Nanotube Devices,
page 158
Attogram Detection using Nanoelectromechanical Resonant Mass Detectors,
page 160
Microfabrication of Suspended Micronozzles for Coupling Microfluidic Device to Electrospray Mass Spectrometry,
page 162
Fabrication of Cantilever Probes with Built-in Piezoelectric Actuators,
page 164
Ultrasensitive Cantilevers for Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy and Energy-Dissipation Studies,
page 166
A Tunnel Sensor for Radiofrequency Mechanical Oscillators,
page 168
Torsional AFM Levers for Sensitive Measurements in Liquid,
page 170
Using Surface Chemistry to Control the Quality (Q) of Micromechanical Resonators,
page 172
Fabrication of Nanochannels in Glass,
page 174
Directional Microphone Array Fabrication,
page 176
Localized Off-Chip Transduction for MEMS Using 2-D Ultrasonic Arrays,
page 178
Thickness Shear Mode Vibrations in Silicon Bar Resonators using Dielectric Transduction,
page 180
Silicon Based Ultrasonic Microprobes for Cardiac Signal Recording,
page 182
Micro Pirani Vacuum Gauge,
page 184
Fabrication of Thin-Walled and High-Aspect-Ratio Microfluidic Channels,
page 186
Thermal Integration Issues in Micro Fuel Processor: Development of an Integrated Silicon Microreactor-Based Methanol Steam Reformer as a Model,
page 188
MEMS Structure for Ultrasonic Chromatography,
page 190
Fiber Based Micro Electromechanical Systems,
page 192
Ultra-High Density MEMS Based Interconnect for Wafer-Level Ultra-Thin Die Stacking Technology,
page 194
Multi-Stage Silicon Microturbine,
page 196
Reference Cantilevers for AFM Spring Constant Calibration,
page 198
Microfluidic Mixing,
page 200
Chaotic Advection and Particle Self-Organization in Microfluidic Devices,
page 202 

Optics & Opto-Electronics, pages 204-237     (top)
Micromachined Thermal Infrared Detectors, page 204
Development of a Near Infrared Array Production Method,
page 206
Waveguide Fabrication and Optimization in Potassium Titytnal Phosphate,
page 208
Materials, Components and Integration Technologies for Optical Interconnects,
page 210
Preparation of Silicon Based Photonic Materials,
page 212
Gray-Scale Masks by E-Beam Lithography and RIE for Micro-Optical Fabrication,
page 214
Monolithically Integrated Diplexer Chip for FTTP,
page 216
Integrated Disordered Optical Resonators,
page 218
High-Confinement Photonic Structures for Light Propagation in the Visible Range,
page 220
Rapid Prototyping of Infrared Frequency Selective Surfaces,
page 222
Integrated On-Chip Polymer Waveguide with SiGe Waveguide Phototransistor for Optical Interconnects,
page 224
Terahertz & Infrared Photonic Crystal Structure,
page 226
Fabrication and Materials Characterization for Integrated, Electrically Driven Nanoparticle-Based Light Sources for 1.5 ?m Silicon Optical Waveguide Circuits,
page 228
Silicon Waveguide Cantilever Sensors,
page 230
Active Silicon Planar Lightwave Circuit Elements,
page 232
Full Optical Readout Infrared Imager Technology Development,
page 234
2D Nanoaperture Array,
page 236 

Physics & Nanostructure Physics, pages 238-275     (top)
Nanosecond Switching Behavior of Nanopillar Spin Valves, page 238
The Effects of Temperature and Current Amplitude on Spin-Torque Driven Magnetization Reversal,
page 240
Adjustable Spin Torque in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions with Two Fixed Layers,
page 242
Spin Transport and Spin Momentum Transfer in Current-Confined Nanopillar Spin-Valves,
page 244
Enhanced Magnetic Damping in Spin-Transfer Excitation,
page 246
Fabrication of Low Noise Aluminum Oxide Tunnel Junctions,
page 248
Electroplated End-Injection Current Contacts to the Quasi-1D Charge Density Wave Conductor NbSe3,
page 250
Microfabricated Tools for Macromolecular Crystallography,
page 252
Magnetoresistance in Ferromagnet Breakjunctions,
page 254
Mechanically-Adjustable and Electrically-Gated Molecular Transistors,
page 256
Optical Studies of Single Molecule Transistors,
page 258
Coherence of Microwave-Frequency Nanomagnetic Dynamics Driven by a DC Spin-Polarized Current,
page 260
Devices for Measuring the High-Frequency Electrical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes,
page 262
Controlled Patterning of Nanotubes and Novel Processing with Hydrogen Silsesquioxane,
page 264
Carbon NanoeElectronics,
page 266
Toward Fabrication of Nanoscale Sensors Using "Divining Rod" Carbon Nanotubes,
page 268
Development of Resonant Structures at 10 ?m Wavelength,
page 270
Nanogap Fabrication for Single-Molecule Electrical Measurements,
page 272
Contact Geometry of Gold Clusters on Carbon Nanotubes using Electron Tomography,
page 274 

Melanie-Claire Mallison
Corporate & Public Relations
250 Duffield Hall, CNF
Ithaca NY 14853

Phone: (607) 254-4858
Email: mallison@cnf.cornell.edu



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