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CNF Lab and Equipment Information
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MOS Clean Hoods

Wet Deck for SC-1, SC-2 cleaning of wafers

MOS Clean Wet Decks
Manager: Phil Infante
Backup: Aaron Windsor
Equipment Training
Training for the furnace area covers the pre-furnace MOS clean, atmospheric and LPCVD processes. It is scheduled on a need basis, please email the tool manager for training requests. Include MOS area training in the subject header. You will be notified when the next scheduled training will be by email.


The hot process area has two wet decks for RCA cleaning of substrates prior to loading into the furnaces. Dedicated dump rinsers with spin rinse dryers give 30 minute clean times for wafers. A HF dip is available for removal of native oxides prior to deposition. The tanks are sized to handle a full boat of 100 mm wafers.

The RCA clean is for Silicon wafers only.


  • 18 Mohm DI water
  • SC-1, SC-2 temperature controlled baths
  • HF tank for native oxide removal

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Equipment Information Sheet
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