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Focused Ion Beam - Hitachi FB-2000A

CAC Name: FB2000A FIB

Tool for imaging and device modification

FEI FIB Backup: Michael Skvarla
Equipment Training
Please contact the tool manager to schedule training. You must have samples ready to process in this tool and have received training on a CNF SEM before you are trained.


Focused ion beam (FIB)-based systems provide a versatile tool for performing work at the nanoscale. They can be used to selectively remove material from substrates and to direct write insulator and metal patterns while providing a high resolution inspection system, comparable to that achieved in the scanning electron microscope. These features have made FIB instruments a staple in failure analysis labs and semiconductor foundries alike.

The FB-2000 uses a high brightness Ga liquid metal ion source coupled with a double lens focusing system to produce an intense beam of ions capable of being focused to a 10 nm diameter spot. It is capable of milling a variety of metals, semiconductors and insulators as well as depositing tungsten. The system is equipped with a vacuum load lock to enable rapid transfer of samples up to 3" in diameter.


  • Samples up to 3
  • Focussed milling of a variety of semiconductor materials
  • Focussed deposition of platinum

Additional Resources:

Equipment Information Sheet


Example of a cross section performed in the FB-2000 at CNF. In these micrographs, a multilayer interconnect structure was cross sectioned using the FIB. Following inspection in the FIB, the sample was removed and imaged in the an sem.

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