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CNF Lab and Equipment Information
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General Chemistry Hoods

Acid / Base Fume Hoods for General Wet Chemistry Steps

General Chemistry Hood
Manager: Phil Infante
Backup: Aaron Windsor
Equipment Training
Please contact the tool manager to schedule training. You will first be required to watch the training videos (~35 minutes) and there is then a hands on training (~1 hr)


The CNF has a variety of fume hoods for wet processing of samples. Hoods are available for acid and base/solvent processing. Spin Rinse Dryers (SRD) are available at most hoods for drying wafers after processing.

Measurements of the etch rates for common etchants is available below.

Processes Available:

  • DI Water
  • N2 blow off guns
  • Spin Rinse Dryers
  • Hotplates with Teflon thermocouples for closed-loop temperature control

Additional Resources:

Equipment Information Sheet
Chemical Etchant Datasheets

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