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RTA - AG610

CAC Name: AG

Rapid Thermal Anneal - AG Associates Model 610

Backup: Aaron Windsor
Equipment Training
Training is usually offered weekly, and often at a time convenient to the needs of the new users for the week. Please contact the tool manager for the training schedule.


The AG Heatpulse 610 uses high intensity, visible radiation to heat samples for short periods (1-600 seconds) at precisely controlled temperatures. The steady state temperature range is from 400-1150 C and the heating rate is variable from 1-200 C per second. This is an atmospheric pressure system with limited capability for modification of annealing ambient with oxygen, argon, nitrogen, or forming gas (5% H2 in Ar). Precise time-temperature profiles can be tailored for a variety of processing applications including ion implant activation, annealing, oxide reflow, silicide formation, contact alloying, and gallium arsenide processing. Samples up to and including 150 mm wafers can be accommodated.

Additional Resources:

Equipment Information Sheet
RTA - AG610b_092015.pdf

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