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PT770 Etcher

PlasmaTherm 770 two chamber inductively coupled plasma etching system for plasma etching using Chlorine or Fluorine

Plasmatherm 770
Manager: Tom Pennell
Backup: Vince Genova , Jerry Drumheller


The PT770 is a dual chamber ICP system. The left chamber is dedicated to shallow(<10u) silicon etching (both polycrystalline and single crystal)in chlorine chemistry. Only oxide masking is allowed in this chamber and etch rates up to 0.5u/min are possible. The right chamber is dedicated to III-V materials only (no bulk silicon). It is equipped with both chlorine and methane based chemistry. Materials such as GaAs, InP, GaN and associated tertiaries and quarternaries can be etched successfully.


  • Load Locked sample introduction
  • 3
  • Turbomolecular pumping
  • Microprocessor etch recipe control
  • Shallow silicon etching with oxide masks-left chamber
  • III-V based materials etching in the right chamber

Additional Resources:

Etch Baseline Data
Location of tool in cleanroom (jpg)

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