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Oxford 100 Etcher

CAC Name: Oxford 100

Oxford PlasmaLab 100 RIE System for fluorine based ICP deep SiO2/glass etching

Oxford 100
Manager: Vince Genova
Backup: Meredith Metzler
Equipment Training
Training is scheduled on an as needed basis. Please contact Vince Genova via email to schedule a session.


The Oxford Plasmalab100 is an inductively coupled plasma based system that is configured for deep SiO2 etching. The system consists of one ICP process module connected to a single automated wafer transfer load lock. It is equipped with He backside cooling and has a temperature controlled electrode.


  • Fluroinated gases: CHF3, CF4, C2F6, C4F8
  • Other gases: CO2, Ar, O2, N2
  • Materials: thermal, PECVD and LPCVD oxides
  • Doped oxides: BPSG and PSG
  • Glasses: Quartz, Fused silica, and others

Additional Resources:

Equipment Information Sheet
Etch Baseline Data

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New AJA Ion Mill arriving - Veeco Ion Mill Going Away
Jan 15, 2014
CNF purchased a new fully automated, AJA ion mill with a 22cm Kaufman source. We will receive the system at the end of January/beginning of February time frame. Upon arrival we will install the system. This requires the removal of the existing Veeco ion mill. Consequently we will have a downtime of about a month or two without ion milling capabilities.
Chrome Etch on Hamatech is back UP
Apr 23, 2014
Automatic Chrome Etching on Hamatech Mask Processor is back UP.


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