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Oxford 81 Etcher

CAC Name: Oxford 81

Oxford PlasmaLab 80+ RIE System for fluorine based etching of oxide, nitride, & silicon

Oxford PlasmaLab 80+ RIE Systems
Manager: Jeremy Clark
Backup: Vince Genova , Tom Pennell


The Oxford PlasmaLab 80+ is an 8-inch diameter parallel plate, turbo-pumped RIE system dedicated to processes involving Fluorine based gas chemistries such as CHF3, CF4, and SF6. Processes are available to anistropically etch silicon dioxide, silicon nitride, and silicon. Other gasses available are argon and oxygen.

The system has a 500 W 13.56 MHz RF power source coupled to a solid state matching network. The active electrode is equipped with a heater/chiller and is capable of operating at various temperatures. The operating pressure regime for processes in the PlasmaLab 80+ is 10 - 1000 mT.


  • CHF3
  • CF4
  • SF6
  • Argon
  • Oxygen

Additional Resources:

Equipment Information Sheet
The website for this tool at Oxford Instruments is
Etch Baseline Data
Baseline Etch Process Flow

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