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GCA 5x Stepper

CAC Name: 5X

GCA 6300 DSW Projection Mask Aligner, 5X g-line Stepper

GCA-6300 5X g-line Stepper Backup: Michael Skvarla , Edward Camacho
Equipment Training
Stepper training is done with groups of users and consists of two parts: classroom lecture and cleanroom demonstration. The entire session lasts up to 3 hrs. for large groups. This training assumes prior knowledge of or experience in photolithography; viewing the Nanocourse Photolithography video sections is a minimum requirement:
There are no training sessions currently scheduled.


This projection printer uses a g-line (436nm) lens column ( 0.30 N.A.) to provide a 5:1 reduction with a variable field size up to 15mm square. Minimum feature size is <0.9µm. The number and placement of the dies is programmable. Wafer size of 3" up to 150mm can be accommodated, as well as smaller pieces. A customized hand-held chuck system allows rapid change of substrate size. Registered alignment is typically <0.25µm. 5" x 0.090"-thick masks are used. This instrument can be easily converted to function as a GCA 3696 Photorepeater system for exposing photoresist coated glass plates up to 7".

Service schedule for the GCA tools is posted at:


  • Step and repeat exposure system with laser-controlled stage motion
  • Zeiss lens with 0.30 numerical aperture
  • g-line (436 nm) exposure wavelength
  • 15mm field size
  • Resolution to 0.9 µm

Additional Resources:

Equipment Information Sheet
Alignment Mark GDS File
Fiducial Mark GDS File
GCA Stepper Operation Notes
5X Resist Matrix

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Photolithography Training Sessions for the Week of March 19th
Mar 19, 2018
General Photolithography training will be offered Tuesday at 1:30PM. We will meet in the Spinner room.

Heidelberg DWL2000 Mask Writer Training will be offered Tuesday at 3:30PM. Meet at the tool.

AB-M contact aligner, Schott IR inspection tool, MA6 contact aligner, and Wafer Bonder training can be scheduled with Edward Camacho.


For any other training sessions, this week contact the tool owner for scheduling. Please review the materials available at each of the web pages ...more


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