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SC4500 Even-Hour Evaporator

CAC Name: SC4500 Even

CVC SC4500 E-gun Evaporation System for deposition of thin films

CVC SC4500
Manager: Aaron Windsor
Equipment Training
Training is requested by appointment via e-mail to


This cryopumped evaporator contains a 6 pocket electron gun source. The rotation pocket ensures that all evaporations occur from the same point leading to accurate lift-off patterning. Source materials include a variety of metals, semiconductors, as well as silicon dioxide & alumina. Pump down times are generally in the 30 - 45 minute range with total processing time under 2 hours.

NOTE: CNF will no longer be supplying crucibles for use in Aluminum e-gun evaporations. The user community has not shown careful use of these crucibles and as a result will need to buy or supply their own. Please contact Aaron or Rob BEFORE you need one for details.

Carbon $60 Inter-metallic $200


  • Cryopumped
  • 6 pocket e-gun, 10 KW
  • Optimized for lift off
  • Variable Tilt stage for angled evaporation

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Equipment Information Sheet

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