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CHA Evaporator


3 Hearth Thermal Evaporator for Metal Films

CHA Evaporator
Manager: Aaron Windsor
Backup: Christopher Alpha
Equipment Training
Training is by appointment via e-mail


The CHA Industries vacuum system is used for evaporating thin films by resistive heating. A cryopump enables base pressures of 10E-7 Torr range to be reached. The 2 kW power supply is used for thermal evaporation from three individually shuttered parallel sources which can be used for sequential thin films. Gold, silver, aluminum, nickel, chrome, copper and germanium are among the metals available for deposition. Films up to 500 nm can be deposited. This system is a rapid turn-around machine with a typical pump down time of 45 minutes.


  • 3 thermal sources 3KW
  • Cryopumped
  • Al
  • Ag
  • Au
  • Ni
  • Cr
  • Cu
  • Ge

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