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Westbond 7400A Ultrasonic Wire Bonder
Wedge-wedge ultrasonic type wire bonder Backup: Daniel McCollister
Equipment Training
Training takes about 2 hours, usually in the afternoon, and is hands on. It is done as needed. Please contact the tool manager to schedule a training session.


A wire bonder is used to connect the micron-scale pads of your device to the pads, or leads, in a package. This wedge-wedge ultrasonic type wire bonder (aka, wedge bonder) is currently being used with 1.25 mil aluminum wire. Minimum practical bond pad size is 100 microns square. It is now equiped with a Trinocular Stereo microscope, with TV camera, and viewing screen.

The tool is now located in Room 228.

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Equipment Information Sheet

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