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Zygo Optical Profilometer

CAC Name: Zygo

NewView 7300 noncontact surface height measurement system

NewView 7300 Optical Profilometer Backup: John Treichler
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The NewView 7300 is a non-contact optical profilometer capable of producing highly accurate, 3D surface topography measurements. The 7300 rapidly measures heights from less than 1 micron up to 20 millimeters, with vertical resolution to 0.1 nm. It is ideally suited for inspecting step heights, MEMS devices, and many other applications. With the stitching option large areas can be measured and combined to form one image. It also has a stroboscopic measurement capability which will takes movies of moving structures like comb drives and oscillators.


  • Vertical resolution: 0.1nm
  • Lateral resolution: ~500nm (Objective dependant)
  • Field of View: 500 microns to 9,5mm (Objective dependant)
  • Objectives: 5x, 20x, and 50x
  • Zoom Lenses: 0.5x, 1x, 2x
  • Motorized Stage
  • Sample size: Pieces to 8 inch wafers

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