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Suss MJB4 Contact Aligner

CAC Name: MJB4

Suss MicroTech MJB4 Contact Lithography Exposure Tool

EV620 contact aligner Backup: Christopher Alpha , Garry Bordonaro
Equipment Training
Training is offered weekly on a per need basis specially when there are new users. Please check the Training Schedule or contact the tool manager. Make sure before you request contact aligner training you have completed "General Lithography Training", since it is a prerequisite.
There are no training sessions currently scheduled.


The MJB4 contact aligner can be used for Topside Alignment and Backside Infrared Alignment on substrate sizes ranging 5mm square to 100mm in diameter. It is capable of printing .5um lines and spaces with a light source of wavelength range between 350 and 450nm. This light source is controlled by constant intensity power supply. This contact aligner has 5 exposure modes; Soft Contact, Hard Contact, Vacuum Contact, Soft Vacuum Contact and Gap Exposure. Alignment travel range for X and Y is +/- 5mm and 5 degrees for theta.


  • Topside and backside alignment
  • Topside and backside alignment
  • Wavelength from 350nm - 450nm
  • Minimum 0.5um line/space

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