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JEOL 9300

JEOL JBX-9300FS Electron Beam Lithography System - RETIRED

JEOL Ebeam Lithography Backup: John Treichler


This tool is no longer available. It is currently being replaced by the JBX9500 due to come online sometime in March or April.

Fueled by the demand for low cost portable devices, miniaturization technologies continue to play a major role in many electronic, mechanical, chemical and biological applications. By reproducibly achieving dimensional control on the nanometer scale, present high resolution electron beam lithography (EBL) fabrication techniques have bridged the gap between nanotechnology in a research lab environment and the creation of viable commercial products for established and emerging industries. The JEOL9300FS 100keV electron lithography system provides capability of reproducibly achieving feature sizes below 30nm. Additionally, multilayer EBL with less than 20nm overlay accuracy on a wide variety of substrates is achievable. 5” masks and wafer sizes of 3”,4”,6”,8", and 12” diameters can be accommodated, as well as smaller pieces. Please contact staff for details.

See the Computing page for Layout BEAMER instructions.


  • Accelerating Voltage: 100kV, 50kV
  • 20-bit Pattern Generator
  • Pattern Generator Speed 50MHz
  • Field Size 1mm
  • 1nm address grid
  • Less than 20nm minimum resolution
  • Overlay: ± 25nm mean plus 3σ
  • Stitching: ± 25nm mean plus 3σ
  • Maximum wafer size: 12”
  • Maximum write area: 9”

Additional Resources:

Quick Start Instructions
Operating System Overview
Electron Beam Resist Spin Curves


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