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CNF Lab and Equipment Information
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Computer Workstations

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Computers for CAD, data analysis, image manipulation, printing, etc.

Manager: Karlis Musa
Backup: David Botsch
Equipment Training
Please contact the tool manager if you have any questions.


The CNF CAD room is the main location of the computing resources for the facility. A large variety of analysis programs are available to assist in your research needs. Workstations can be used for Windows programs or as x-terminals to facility Unix/Linux servers. CAD Room computer workstations are available for developing your pattern in CAD, fracturing your data for fabrication, or analyzing your results.

Workstations are also located throughout the cleanroom and 2nd floor labs. 64-bit AMD Opteron workstations were provided as a donation by AMD (2005).

Users of CNF computer workstations have a networked file storage space available. The CNF fileservers run OpenAFS (just AFS for short).

Logins to CNF workstations and conversion computers are via Cornell NetID or Cornell GuestID.

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